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Lordosis Correction

This powerful 12 week programme will help you to correct your lordosis and strengthen your core to maintain better posture

Back Spasm Rehab

This exclusive, easy-to-follow 12 week programme will help you to build a solid foundation in your core and back, preventing back spasms.

Disc Herniation Rehab

This simple 12 week programme will help you build spine stability and gain confidence in your back, posture & movement again.

Core Strength & Stability

This fundamentals of core strength and stability 12-week exercise programme will help you build a stronger more stable core

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“I have suffered with a back problem for nearly twenty years, it wasn’t until I started training with Chris that my back health really started to improve and quality of the training has kept me motivated, clearly feeling and seeing significant improvements and results in a short time.

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Our high quality 1to1 personal training programmes are tailor made to you using our 3-stage training model


"Health & fitness is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals"

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Christopher Hole Training is an education & training company. We teach the fundamentals of health and fitness using tried and tested methods, which give us long-standing results for our clients.

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Our product and services are designed pass on the fundamental knowledge to our users. They use tried and test methods & can empower you to gain control of your health & fitness.

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About Chris

I seek to understand the body and share what I find to my students. I want you to be "in the know" & feel you understand how your body is working. I want to solve the problem & give you the solution.

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What’s your opinion of non specific low back pain by Dr Stuart McGill

The niggling lower back twinge or pain is often difficult for many health professionals to not only diagnose, but to also recommend an exercise regime that will help alleviate the pain and get to the root cause of the issue.

Changing your diet to improve osteoarthritis

The phrase, ‘you are what you eat,’ is often repeated, usually in a negative way, to explain why someone is carrying extra weight. But, just as we can have a negative impact on our health with what we eat, we can also help by eating the right things; even with […]

Core Strength & Stability

OUR CORE STRENGTH & STABILITY PROGRAMMES WILL HELP YOU TO BUILD THE  STRONGEST CORE. Building a strong is needs more than sit-ups & crunches. In fact, these exercises could make your weaker and less stable. These core strength & stability online programmes are developed using exercises and stretches that work your […]

Exercise for Events

Are you training for a marathon, half marathon, triathlon, cyclo-sportive or 3-peak challenge? All of these events are tough and require a structured plan to get you to your peak fitness. During the programme you’ll maximise your fitness, reduce your risk of injury, get stronger and fitter.   About the exercise […]

Exercise for Fitness

Would you like to increase your fitness, lose weight, tone muscle and increase your metabolism? Achieving this takes more than just pounding away on a treadmill, you’ll need a plan that includes CV and weight training. During the programme you’ll gain better whole body fitness, as the diagram shows above, you’ll […]

Exercise for joint pain

Would you like to reduce your joint pain & improve your overall wellbeing? During this programme you’ll gain better control of your pain and learn how to keep it bay. Your confidence will grow as your pain reduces and your joints will become more flexible. Your whole body will also […]

Exercise for Low Back Pain

Would you like to overcome your low-back pain and build core strength & stability? Overcoming low-back pain takes time and patience but the rewards are amazing. During the programme you’ll gain better control of your pain, your confidence will grow and your back will get stronger. If you nervous about doing […]

What are the fundamental movement habits?

Poor movement & injury According to the joint-by-joint approach proposed by Gray Cook “Loss of function in the joint below, in the case of the lumbar spine, it’s the hips, seems to affect the joint or joints above. In other words, if the hips can’t move the lumbar spine will.” […]

Join the Global Community

JOIN THE 1000’S OF PEOPLE IN OUR GLOBAL HEALTH & FITNESS COMMUNITY CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR FREE MEMBERSHIP   Are you suffering with low back pain? Are you suffering with joint pain?  Are you wanting to get fit but don’t have the motivation to do it yourself? Are you thinking […]

What are the core skills?

Movement Training is founded on a few key components and it’s these that make up the core skills. Breathing Joint position & awareness Joint mobility & stability Core endurance Breathing It’s the glue that brings of Movement Training together, it allows the body to relax and the brain to learn […]