Scoliosis Treatment: How to you use massage

Scoliosis Treatment: How to you use massage

Scoliosis treatment can come in many different forms; exercise, stretching, foam rolling or in more extreme cases surgery. As a personal trainer and sports massage therapist I use the former plus massage. It could be in the form of body massage, which is more and relaxing and therapeutic. Or Sports massage, which goes deeper into the affected muscle and specific.

To get the most from your scoliosis treatment you need to know more about the condition and the muscles involved. You also need to know more about your scoliosis. In his whiteboard presentation I will help you understand;

  1. More about the muscles involved in scoliosis
  2. More about possible areas to massage

You can then use this information to apply to your scoliosis, some of the things you want to learn are;

  1. Where is your convex and concave curve?
  2. Where are the tighter muscles on your back or spine?
  3. Which areas of the back feel tight?

These three questions can be the start of your scoliosis treatment. You are then able to use this information yourself with another professional.

This video isn’t intended to diagnose but to educate. You can use this information to help you understand your scoliosis what help you make sense of what you’re being told by another therapist.

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