How to Correct Lordosis – A step by step eBook to treat Lordosis

How to Correct Lordosis – A step by step eBook to treat Lordosis

Learn how to correct Lordosis with this step by step eBook.

You’ve probably been trawling the internet to find the best stretches and exercises for Lordosis. You’ve probably come across single stretches & exercises that is good for your Lordosis treatment, but turning those stretches & exercises into a program is better.

Why will doing a program benefit you over doing single exercises or stretches?

  1. You stretch all the primary muscles of Lordosis
  2. You stretch all the secondary muscles of Lordosis
  3. Your joints become more flexible
  4. The stretches and exercises you do work together
  5. You spend more time in the right posture
  6. Your muscles loosen faster
  7. Your body learns the right posture quicker

In my eBook you’ll learn; the muscles of Lordosis to target, the stretches and exercises for those muscles, my everyday tips and tricks to help your Lordosis and how to put them into a program.

What will you gain from reading this eBook:

1. Flatten your Lumbar curve with everyday tips and trick

You spend most of your day doing everyday activities and maybe 30-60 minutes doing the stretches and exercises. If you’re in the right posture during these activities you’ll flatten your curve faster.

2. Loosen your tight muscles with best stretches for Lordosis

Stretches are the best way to loosen tight muscles and Lordosis involves specific muscles. If you can target these muscles with the right stretches you can begin to overcome Lordosis

3. Tighten your abdominal muscles with the best exercises for Lordosis

Now that your muscles are looser from the stretches you’re able to reposition your spine and pelvis. Doing the right exercises activates the right muscles that put’s your spine and pelvis in a better posture.

4. Improve your overall posture

Lordosis has side effects that has repercussions elsewhere in the body. As your Lordosis improves it will has a knock on effect on the part of the body.

5. Increase your overall core strength

Improving your overall core strength is associated with many health benefits. As you perform the exercises and stretches your body will respond by becoming stronger and fitter.

6. Improve your core stability and joint health

As your joints become looser they naturally become healthier and their stability improves. By improving your core and spine stability you reduce risk of poor posture and injury.

7. Lengthen hip flexors, which are the main culprits

Your hip flexors are the muscles that start on your spine and finish on your upper leg. They are the primary muscles to target, the stretches in this program are specifically design to target these muscles.

8. Activate hip muscles that hold your pelvis in place

Your hip muscles along with your abdominal muscles are the primary muscles to activate. They reposition your pelvis and spine and you’ll learn the best exercises to do it.

How to Correct Lordosis

Step 1: Learning which muscles of Lordosis to target

How you correct Lordosis isn’t just about doing the right stretches and exercises in the right way. Learning some of the simple anatomy like; the right muscles to target and where they are in the body will help you loosen tight muscles faster and as your muscles loosen you posture improves.

  • When you know where the muscles are you can feel them stretching

Doing the right exercises tightens your abdominal muscles and knowing these muscles makes it happen faster. As your abs tighten your core strength & stability improves and this helps lengthen you hip flexors muscles.

  • When you know what muscles to activate you can hold the right posture easily

Step 2: Do the right stretches & exercises in the right way

If your Lordosis is stubborn, it can be easy to find the stretches and exercises, but you might not be pinpointing the right muscles. Learning how to do the right stretches and exercises for Lordosis in the right way is the next step. Within my eBook you’ll discover:

  1. The best stretches for Lordosis and teaching points
  2. The best exercises for Lordosis and teaching points

Step 3: Putting it together

The right Lordosis treatment also needs the right dose of stretches and exercises, doing too much can be as bad as too little, but getting the right amounts helps.

Once you’ve completed the eBook I’ll show you workout guidelines that help you do the right amounts of stretches and exercises. Some of the guidelines you’ll learn:

  1. How many time to do the stretches and exercises each week
  2. How many sets to do
  3. How long to hold the stretches for
  4. How many repetitions to do for the exercises
  5. And more…

Summary of the 3 steps

As you can see, when you start to improve one benefit others follow, because treating Lordosis is a integrated process that follows 3 simple steps

  • First, you learn about your body
  • This helps you do the stretches for Lordosis and exercises correctly
  • Finally you bring it altogether with the workout guidelines

The last ingredient to treat Lordosis, is time, be patient and allow your body to adjust. So many people want overnight success but I know that doesn’t work. This ebook set you up tools to begin aligning your spine and improving your posture.

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How to Correct Lordosis - A step by step eBook

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