How to Correct Lordosis – A step by step eBook

How to Correct Lordosis – A step by step eBook

This eBook reveals how I help people correct Lordosis and improve their overall posture.

Here’s what this step by step eBook will teach you

  1. The difference between a normal lumbar curve and Lordosis
  2. The potential effects of Lordosis on hips, upper legs and feet
  3. A 3-step process for treating Lordosis
  4. How to start flattening your lumbar curve with a 4-step formula
  5. The best stretches for all the primary muscles involved
  6. The best exercises that level your pelvis and flatten your spine
  7. How to bring it all together into a workout
    • How often should you workout?
    • How long should you hold stretches?
    • How many repetitions for each exercise?
    • And more
  8. Everyday activities to do that help reduce it

You don’t need any equipment and you can do the exercises and stretches anywhere

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