Scoliosis: The basics of an exercise program

Scoliosis: The basics of an exercise program

Scoliosis is a condition that effects the whole spine, causing it to bend sideways. It can have one bend or a C-shape or two bends an S-shape. A small curve won’t cause many problems but needs to be managed. Larger curves can be a problem making breathing harder.┬áCauses of scoliosis aren’t clear, they can run in the family or be an injury to the spine, to name a couple.

Exercise program for Scoliosis

Start an exercise program as soon as possible, the earlier you start the better the results. Exercise gives you the opportunity to retrain your muscles. The more you move with exercise the better, standing still doing exercise can add stress to your spine.

Exercises that focus on core strength and stability can help balance your muscles. They also help you improve posture. Do exercises on your knees, this helps you improve your hip and spine stability.

Stretching for Scoliosis

Stretching is essential to lengthen any short muscles. Stretch before and after exercise, it helps increase range of movement and relaxation. When you stretch make sure you feel for the tightness. Sometimes people do the stretch and can’t feel it working because they don’t find the stretch.

Here is a great stretch you can try to help lengthen the muscles of your spine

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