How to Overcome Low Back Pain

How to Overcome Low Back Pain

By downloading this eBook you’ll learn how I’ve been helping my clients to overcome their back pain build a healthy spine since 2008.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this eBook

  1. What could be causing the pain in your lower back
  2. How doing hamstring and low-back stretches makes you pain worse
  3. How doing back extensions can make your back pain worse
  4. How to perform exercises the right way so you build greater spine health
  5. A 6-step low back rehabilitation formula I’ve been using to help clients with back pain that includes more than just exercise
  6. A 3-part exercise process to help treat your pain
  7. What exercises and stretches to avoid because increase your risk of back pain
  8. What exercises and stretches to start straight away that build a strong low back
  9. All the program guidelines you need to follow to gain a healthy spine and strong back
    • How often should you do the workout?
    • How many repetition you should do?
    • How much rest you should have?
    • And much more

You don’t need any equipment and you can perform your workouts anywhere. If you want to get started today…

Please click below to get started on your journey to a strong healthy back.


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