Opinions: How to make sense of ones that differ

Opinions: How to make sense of ones that differ

On a daily basis I get a question about some else’s opinions of nutrition & exercise. They are confused because it differs from what heard before. This is completely normal and I’ll explain why.

Opinions are similar to how scientific information is shared. People talk about what’s healthy and what’s not, the next day what was healthy is now unhealthy.

So who’s right??

If we are to believe ‘the science’, first we might want to know how scientific information comes about. Carlo Rovelli (Theoretical Physicist) suggests science isn’t about certainty. “Science is about the finding the most reliable way of thinking at the present level of knowledge”

What does this mean for health information?

Everyone is sharing their most reliable way of thinking about what’s healthy at their present level of knowledge, hence opinions differ. How you make sense of differing opinions isn’t based on the opinion but how the person came to that opinion.

Your job is not to look for which is right and wrong but form your most reliable way of thinking and continually add to grow that way of thinking. This is the real scientist.

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