Rehabilitation: Overcome aches, pain and injuries

Rehabilitation: Overcome aches, pain and injuries

Rehabilitation and preparing your body for exercise involves more than just working on your muscles. Fascia connects your muscles together and there are different fascial lines.

The superficial back line connects and protect the entire posterior surface from the bottom of the foot to the head. There are two pieces; from toes to knee and knees to brow

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Postural function:

  1. Support the body when upright
  2. Prevent the tendency into flexion
  3. Constant postural demand requires extra sheets of fascia as in the achilles tendon, hamstrings, sacrotuberous ligament, TLF, erector spinae and occipital ridge

Movement function

  1. Create extension and hyperextension
  2. With exception of the knees

Areas of tightness

  1. Soleus and Gastrocemius
  2. Hamstrings
  3. Lordosis
  4. Upper back
  5. Upper neck

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