Rehab: Posture and compensations

Rehab: Posture and compensations

Rehab is an important part of good posture and compensation. Today our rehab treatments focus on muscles, which looks at certain areas of the body.

There is a growing body of knowledge that say we need to look further than single muscles for effective rehab. Fascial lines help us look understand that the site of the postural compensation might not be the cause

The superficial front line connects the entire front of the body

Postural Function

  • Balance the superficial back line
  • Lift the pubis, ribs & face into extension & extend the knee

Movement Function

  • Flex the trunk & hips
  • Extend the knee
  • Dorsiflex the foot

The need to create sudden strong flexion movement requires the SFL to have more fast-twitch muscle fibres.

Areas of compensation

  • Ankle plantar flexion
  • Knee extension
  • Anterior pelvic tilt
  • Breathing restriction
  • Head forward posture

Viewed from the side, shows the balance between the superficial front and back line.

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