Probiotic Supplements: Are they necessary?

Probiotic Supplements: Are they necessary?

Probiotic supplements are advertised as healthy products but are they necessary? The origin of the word might suggest they are necessary; Pro (for) and bios (life) but I believe there is more to probiotic supplements than we are being told.

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Probiotics are the bacteria that live in you gut and the right balance of good and bad bacteria makes a healthy gut. If this balance is disturbed your gut can become unhealthy and this can affect the rest of your body.

Probiotic supplements can readdress the balance in the short term but are unnecessary for the long term. If you are eating right, managing your stress and keeping active your gut will remain healthy removing the need for probiotics.

Eating prebiotics feed your probiotics and keeping the delicate balance. Relying on probiotics is like relying on a headache pill, instead of treating the symptom (an unhealthy gut), treat the cause (diet, stress or activity) and the symptoms will disappear.

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