Back spasm, how to reduce them & have a stronger back Parts 1-3

Back spasm, how to reduce them & have a stronger back Parts 1-3

A Back spasm normally happens when you lift something from the floor but it can happen from any movement. Why does a back spasm happen? In general they happen because your body isn’t being moved correctly. You might not have been lifting correctly, you may have poor posture or you core muscles aren’t strong enough to cope with the task at hand.

What caused my back spasm?

Whatever the cause, a back spasm typically happens because you’ve done something incorrectly. This doesn’t mean that you’ve done something incorrectly once or twice. Back problems happen because the straw that broke the camels back. You might have been lifting incorrectly for months or even years, sat down for long periods of time or been over stressing your body with too much exercise. Any of these can eventually end with a back spasm.

How do I treat a back spasm?

The treatment to back spasms are in their prevention, as you start using your body correctly and making your core muscle work better you spasms will become less. This will allow you to enjoy life more and keep your body pain free.

In these 3 short videos I’d like to help you learn a little more about how reduce back spasms and how you can build a stronger back. After you’ve watched these videos you’ll be ready to download a 12-week program, click here to find out more about it

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

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