Kelly Starrett from MobilityWOD: How to optimise human movement

Kelly Starrett from MobilityWOD: How to optimise human movement

In 2005, Kelly Starrett started San Francisco Crossfit, one of the first 30 Crossfit gyms and the first such gym to incorporate an on-site physical therapy practice. After years of seeing ten of thousands of athletes – from elite athletes to weekend warriors – move in our group classes and visit our physical therapy clinic with every type of pain and injury, we saw a clear pattern. We learned that 98% of orthopedic injuries are preventable and that athletes simply lacked an understanding of simple mechanics and the tools to improve those mechanics.

As a result of these observations and his experience as a doctor of physical therapy, Kelly began teaching his Movement & Mobility Trainer Course in 2008 to thousands of coaches athletes in the U.S. and abroad. This course teaches how to use the language of classical strength and conditioning movements to predict, prioritize and resolve inefficiencies in movement that lead to loss of performance and injury. Kelly Starrett simultaneously developed innovative tools to correct movement dysfunction. Kelly Starretts unique approach to idealizing movement and fixing the underlying pathomechanics are what we now call the Starrett Method of Movement & Mobility.

Kelly Starrett has also written 3 books that you can purchase by clicking through the links below.

      1. Becoming a Supple Leopard
      2. Ready to Run
      3. Deskbound : Standing Up to a Sitting World

In this 10-part podcast Kelly answers my questions about human movement

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