Lordosis stretches: Where do I start?

Lordosis stretches: Where do I start?

Lordosis stretches help the muscles of the hip become looser. When these muscles become tight they can pull on your lower spine and exaggerate the curve of your lower back.

Where do I start?

With simple lordosis stretches is the easy answer. Many people try to do difficult stretches because they think they better, as long as you know what muscles to stretch and to do the stretches, simple stretches are good enough.

How hard should the stretch be?

Lordosis stretches should be done firmly so you can feel a stretch, they shouldn’t be overly painful. If you make the stretch painful your body could go into protection mode and not let the muscle stretch. The goal with lordosis stretches is to be gently to start with gradually build up the intensity.

How do I do this stretch?

Firstly by watching the video below, it has all the teaching point you need to do it correctly. The goal is to keep you pelvis level and spine with it’s natural curve, you might find this hard to start with. As you stretch you tight hip muscles can arch your back because they are short. You may have to engage your core muscles to prevent this from happening, this will allow the muscles of the hip to get longer and stretch.

What can I do next?

After watching this video you can start our 12-week how to correct lordosis exercise and stretch programme. Just click here

  • You’ll get video exercises with all the correct teaching points for the stretches.
  • You’ll be sent a new program every two week for 12-weeks
  • Your new program will progress every two weeks
  • You’ll find them simple to follow
  • You don’t need any equipment so you can do them at home

Click here to find out more about our Exercise for Lordosis 12-week program

I’ve had lordosis since I was a teenager, I think it was because I played too much sport. I needed something a more specific so I downloaded Chris’ 12-week programme. It gave me new exercises, stretches and a format that was easy to follow, after the 12-weeks I had really noticed a difference in my hips and lower back. I still use the programme although I have added to more it now. I never would of thought this programme would have made such a difference, but it did!! Craig

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