Endurance Training: 5 Principles

Endurance Training: 5 Principles

Getting the most from your endurance training is done by following a flexible plan. You need to plan ahead, fix goals and events in place but be flexible because weather, injury, work or life in general can affect your plan.

Train in Periods

Many people think they need to get fitter faster and stronger incrementally all the way through year, this can lead to burnout. Training in periods throughout the year allows you to manage your intensity, injuries and work life balance a lot more effectively.


Step number one of any training program is to set your goals first and then work backwards from these goals. There are four basic phases that I use in my training plans they are described below.

Watch the video at the bottom of the page to gain more detail and insights of the 5 principles of endurance training or go https://christopherhole.com/workshops and click on From Pain to Performance

Phases of Training

Base, used for:

  • Endurance – more time on the bike
  • Weather dependant

Build, used for:

  • Endurance on hills
  • Further endurance – hill intervals

Peak, used for:

  • For approaching priorities
  • Manage increased intensities

Transition/Recovery, used for:

  • More unstructured
  • Stay active
  • Allows recovery/rejuvenation
  • Get ready for next phase

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