Movement & Posture Assessment

Movement & Posture Assessment

The Movement and Posture Assessment is a 90min practical consultation, assessment & tutorial to identify your movement quality & joint mobility and begin improving it. The process provides you with a reliable baseline for decreasing risk of injury and steps to improve your performance and recovery.

With the information you’ll gain from this movement and posture assessment you’ll be able to make a more effective health, fitness and exercise plan.


What you’ll gain from the movement and posture assessment:

Best standing posture

Joint mobility

Joint stability

Weakest links

Areas of the body stretch

Areas of the body strengthen


What the movement and posture assessment includes:


Movement & Posture Assessment

Foam Rolling & Stretching Tutorial

Foam Rolling & Stretching Video Library

Movement & Exercise Tutorial

Movement & Exercise Video Library


Package & Price

x1 90min PT Session £100 (consultation, assessment, tutorial & video libraries)


During the assessment there will also be time gain advice regarding how to improve your joint health and fitness. Understanding your posture and movement overtime helps you become healthier and fitter.

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