Lumbar Lordosis: How do I correct it?

Lumbar Lordosis: How do I correct it?

Lumbar lordosis is a condition of the lower spine. Our spine has 3 curves, at the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. When the lumbar curve become increased we get the condition called lumbar lordosis. These three curves have names; the lumbar and cervical spine have lordotic curves and the thoracic spine has a kyphotic curve.

In order to correct lumbar lordosis there are few steps to follow:

  1. Understand the lumbar lordosis anatomy (in the following videos)
  2. Stretch the tight/over active muscles (see the program below)
  3. Activate the longer underachieve muscles (see the program below)

Following this 3-step process allows you to know what muscles to stretch and activate. By stretching you relax tight muscles and exercising you activate muscles.

Repeating the stretches your brain will install this new length and this allows the spine and pelvis to change position. Repeating exercises activate the muscles that can then hold the spine and pelvis in this new position.

Part 1 is about the muscles that are short and long, the position of the pelvis and muscles that aren’t activating.

Part 2 talks about the specific muscles you’ll need to stretch

Part 3 looks into the shorts muscles on the upper body.

Lumbar lordosis is a condition that can be managed and correct if given the right tools. Your body has learnt this position and your goal is to learn another. It will take time and doing the stretches and exercises once won’t allow the brain to install the positions.

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I’ve had lordosis since I was a teenager, I think it was because I played too much sport. I needed something a more specific so I downloaded Chris’ 12-week programme. It gave me new exercises, stretches and a format that was easy to follow, after the 12-weeks I had really noticed a difference in my hips and lower back. I still use the programme although I have added to more it now. I never would of thought this programme would have made such a difference, but it did!! Craig

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  1. Please give me good exercise plan for curing of lumber lordosis as fast as possible.

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