Obesity Epidemic: who is to blame?

Obesity Epidemic: who is to blame?

Obesity has become an epidemic in recent years and everyone is trying to solve the problem, but who’s to blame? This isn’t intended to be a negative blog as I think we can find wisdom in looking into blame to find a solution

At a basic level I say there are 3 places to look for blame for the obesity epidemic.

The Government

  1. Set healthy eating guidelines for the country
  2. Has a lot of voices to manage and keep hapy

The Food Industry

  1. Provide food for the people to buy
  2. Want to sell products and make profits
  3. Watch buyers behaviour

The Individual

  1. Buy available food
  2. Take responsibility for actions

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In summary everyone has their responsibility for the obesity epidemic but the buck stops with the individual. As the individual empowers himself or herself, the influence from the government and advertising has less of an effect.

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