Why is moving well in everyday life important for health and longevity?

Why is moving well in everyday life important for health and longevity?

Correct movement when carrying out any activity is key, whether you’re lifting weights, riding a bike, or picking up some heavy shopping. Incorrect movement can lead to a range of physical issues, such as stiff muscles and joints, or worse – damaged muscles and broken bones, which can impact the level of fitness you’re able to maintain. If your fitness levels are badly affected, it will begin to negatively impact your mental health as you suffer the detrimental effects of not being able to carry out regular exercise. Below we’ve listed out some of the key reasons moving well in everyday life is so important.

Pain relief

One of the key reasons moving well is important is that it can help to prevent pain which is caused by incorrect movement during activity. If you already have pain, moving well everyday can help to loosen stiff muscles and joints which helps to relieve the pain you’re suffering from.

Lower back pain can be relieved through regular, correct movement, which improves the strength of your back, and core stability, which decreases the likelihood of back spasms and disc bulges. Joint pain can be alleviated with regular exercise to build a stronger body, which decreases the chances of developing osteoarthritis. Regular impact exercise, such as walking and running, has been found to increase bone density, decreasing the chances of fractures and breaks.

Boosting mental wellness

Regular physical activity can also help to boost your general mental wellness. Endorphins are released after exercise which help to boost your mood, and can relieve feelings of anxiety and depression. If you are unable to move well every day, you will start to feel a detrimental effect on your mental health, which can lead to greater risks of depression and stress. A healthy, positive mindset is key to being able to maintain a happier lifestyle throughout your life.

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