Becoming more mobile to alleviate lower back pain

Becoming more mobile to alleviate lower back pain

In today’s blog I will be looking at overcoming lower back pain and becoming stronger, fitter and more aware of the things that may cause the pain. Please have a look at our YouTube channel for lots of interesting videos and this video above explaining the importance of learning the correct, basic exercise skills.

Understanding your body and how it works

We can use exercise to help eliminate lower back pain and become more flexible and mobile. The first thing you need to do is understand your body and how it works. Your body is extremely adaptable and can move in many different directions; consider how many joints there are in the human body and how each of these joints can move in various positions. If you get used to only moving your body in one way and always using the same joints, tension will build up in joints that aren’t being used. Therefore, we need to start incorporating a variety of movements into our daily life.

The body is built to be adaptable and mobile and if it isn’t being used in this way this is when problems can start to appear. As the body ages it may become more difficult to do things and move as easily – partly because it hasn’t been as adaptable and mobile as it should have. This is when you must go back to basic exercise skills to avoid micro-trauma causing more injury to your joints.

Consider your core

Your core is the foundation that the body moves from. It is this stable core that allows our limbs to be so flexible. The core also allows us to have strength to hold the body whilst it moves freely, enabling us to move much more easily.

Reducing lower back pain

I have studied this for a long time and have found building basic core endurance and undertaking basic exercise techniques can alleviate and most certainly have a positive effect on lower back pain. Some other areas to look at are poor posture and poor movement. Look at how you are moving, sitting and standing. Making small changes to these things will make a big difference to the pain in your lower back.

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