5 healthiest fatty foods

5 healthiest fatty foods

In modern dieting, there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding around what part fat plays in a healthy balanced diet. This article will, therefore, summarise the thoughts displayed in the video below which discusses the 5 healthiest food sources of fat available. As Christopher states, a healthy fat is a fatty food that is unprocessed.

The 5 healthiest fatty foods

  • Avocado
  • Olive oil
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Almonds
  • Coconut oil

What benefits do they offer?

The first benefit on offer is a level of cardiovascular improvement for not just the heart, but also the veins and arteries. This is when they are consumed in their most natural and whole states. Secondly, these fatty foods can help improve your body composition via decreasing levels of bad fat whilst encouraging muscle growth. This is due to them boosting your metabolism, encouraging hormone production and your body’s ability to absorb certain key vitamins and minerals, in particular, vitamins A and D. Chris goes on to name the final crucial benefit, which is that of an overall stronger immune system and consequently an ability to fight against a whole range of illnesses. This includes everything from simple everyday colds and flus, all the way up to some of the more serious cancers.

How do you incorporate these fatty foods into a healthy diet?

Chris says the best way to incorporate these 5 fatty foods into your diet is when they are in their most natural state. This means you should try and avoid them being put through any kind of processing or refinement. Also, when starting out, don’t worry too much about the calories contained in the foods, but instead start introducing them and finding a balance and meal plan that works well for you. He goes on to recommend that you research other healthy fatty foods, as these are not the only ones out there.

It is, of course, not just the fats within these foods that make them healthy but also the protein, minerals and vitamins inside that give them an added all-round health boost. For optimal results, you should eat them in conjunction with a healthy weekly workout routine that encourages muscle stimulation. To listen to Chris yourself and gain a more thorough understanding of the 5 healthiest fatty foods, check out the video.

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