Treating lower back pain through education

Treating lower back pain through education

As explored in my recent video, lower back pain is one of the most prevalent aches and pains experienced by people today due to modern working conditions and lifestyle. Sitting at a desk for 40 hours or more a week while at work can have a huge impact on our bodies; they are not designed to remain in static, badly postured positions for such long periods of time.

Evaluate your lifestyle

It is often believed that our lifestyles can be counteracted by putting in a few hours at the gym. However, to effectively treat lower back pain, it is imperative that we take a long and hard look at our lifestyles so we can incorporate good exercise and movement into every hour of every day. I like to remind people of an old proverb to remember this fact: “Teach a man to move, and he’s active for a lifetime.”

The role of trainers

Having a personal trainer can be great for those who would like to reach specific fitness goals or lose weight, as they can be great motivators. However, many trainers are not particularly well-versed in the science of the body, and are therefore not well-qualified to tell you what to do about your back pain. In this way, it is a good idea to learn about your body and get to know what sort of exercise works for you. Once you know the ways in which your body moves and builds strength, creating an effective exercise regime will become second nature. You can then work with your trainer to incorporate your findings into a regime.

The importance of learning

Learning about how best to sit, lie, run, lift or jump is essential if we are to build a strong and healthy back. Having the knowledge about the benefits of lifting or walking properly will give you an incentive to do it, so it eventually becomes intuitive.

To do this, browse my helpful and informative videos here. Alternatively, get stuck into some books or come to one of my evening seminars. Attendees are often surprised at how much they didn’t know about their bodies.

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