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5 healthiest fatty foods

In modern dieting, there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding around what part fat plays in a healthy balanced diet. This article will, therefore, summarise the thoughts displayed in the video below which discusses the 5 healthiest food sources of fat available. As Christopher states, a healthy fat is […]

What’s the No.1 diet on the planet? Part 1

“As an academic nutritionist, I grapple on a daily basis with what I see as a central contradiction between nutrition theory and practice. On the one hand, our advice about health benefits, on diets mainly based on plants – fruits, vegetables and grains – has not changed in more than […]

What’s the best posture for a healthy spine?

In the video following this article, we are analysing the optimal position of the lumbar spine to entail healthy all round posture. Generally speaking, optimal lumbar spine positioning will fall into two different categories: one that entails a neutral position and one that entails greater levels of movement. So, as […]

How do you build an ultimate core in an athlete or gym-goer?

One of the most commonly used phrases in fitness is to ‘strengthen your core’. I get asked about it all the time by our clients. Indeed, strengthening your core can help to stabilise and support your spine, build maximal gains in your strength, and help you power through advanced athletic […]

Why is moving well in everyday life important for health and longevity?

Correct movement when carrying out any activity is key, whether you’re lifting weights, riding a bike, or picking up some heavy shopping. Incorrect movement can lead to a range of physical issues, such as stiff muscles and joints, or worse – damaged muscles and broken bones, which can impact the […]

How can I improve my hip flexibility?

It’s fair to say that a lack of hip flexibility is a significant problem for many people, regardless of whether they are new to a workout programme or are an experienced athlete. As Gray Cook says in one of our feature interviews (above) one of the most common reasons this […]

Client Spotlight: Angela

Angela Belassie talks through the process of working with Chris Hole. When I first met Chris Hole, I had recently had a baby and had not done much exercise for some time. I wanted to get back into the habit of working out more regularly, but was a little unsure […]

How to overcome three common knee and hip injuries

Knee injuries aren’t just painful, they can also make getting on with your day-to-day tasks difficult. Below we discuss some ways to deal with three common knee and hip injuries. Piriformis Syndrome Sufferers of Piriformis Syndrome will feel spasms and buttock pain as a result of a condition affecting the […]

Overcoming common ankle and foot injuries

You are probably familiar with RICE protocol (rest, ice, compress, elevate) when you first injure yourself, but what about after that? How can you effectively overcome injury and get moving again? Ankle and foot injuries are very common and, when treated appropriately, can be easily overcome. We recommend that you […]

Understanding tendon injuries and their rehabilitation

Tendon injuries can occur during sports or other activities that involve sudden sharp movements such as jumping or throwing or as a result of repeated overuse of the tendons during running or even computer use. What are tendons? Tendons are strong cords of connective tissue that attach the muscle to […]

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