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Exercise for joint pain

Would you like to reduce your joint pain & improve your overall wellbeing? During this programme you’ll gain better control of your pain and learn how to keep it bay. Your confidence will grow as your pain reduces and your joints will become more flexible. Your whole body will also […]

Exercise for Low Back Pain

Would you like to overcome your low-back pain and build core strength & stability? Overcoming low-back pain takes time and patience but the rewards are amazing. During the programme you’ll gain better control of your pain, your confidence will grow and your back will get stronger. If you nervous about doing […]

What are the fundamental movement habits?

Poor movement & injury According to the joint-by-joint approach proposed by Gray Cook “Loss of function in the joint below, in the case of the lumbar spine, it’s the hips, seems to affect the joint or joints above. In other words, if the hips can’t move the lumbar spine will.” […]

Join the Global Community

JOIN THE 1000’S OF PEOPLE IN OUR GLOBAL HEALTH & FITNESS COMMUNITY CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR FREE MEMBERSHIP   Are you suffering with low back pain? Are you suffering with joint pain?  Are you wanting to get fit but don’t have the motivation to do it yourself? Are you thinking […]

What are the core skills?

Movement Training is founded on a few key components and it’s these that make up the core skills. Breathing Joint position & awareness Joint mobility & stability Core endurance Breathing It’s the glue that brings of Movement Training together, it allows the body to relax and the brain to learn […]

lumbar lordosis

Lumbar Lordosis: How do I correct it?

Lumbar lordosis is a condition of the inward curve of the lower spine. Our spine has 3 larger curves at the lumbar, thoracic and cervical areas of the spine and when the lumbar curve become exaggerated/increased we get the condition called lumbar lordosis. These three curves have names, at the […]

How do I train my clients? Part 4

Introduction Advanced Fitness Training is a more specific regime of training, it’s for a person who is training for an event or competition. “An increased emphasis being placed upon sport specific training activities, which are structured to elevate athletes overall level of competitive preparedness” Advanced Fitness If your fundamental fitness […]

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