At Christopher Hole Training we deliver a wide selection of health and fitness workshops. They can be short 1-hour workshops all the way up to 4-hour half-day workshops. We aim that you gain the most from these workshops by including both theory and practical components.

An overview of the subjects we cover at our workshops

  1. From pain to performance
  2. Lower back pain
  3. Joint pain
  4. Core Strength & Stability
  5. Nutrition
  6. Planning your fitness/sports event

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What attendees have said...

"Very knowledgeable, would definitely recommend Chris to anyone that was serious about looking to change the way they think about food and exercise"

"Chris was excellent!! Very informative and knowledgable. He was happy with any questions we threw at him and always had an answer. I would highly recommend him"

"I thought I new everything about eating and fitness but found Chris' approach very simple and easy! I Would definitely recommend Chris, I've found nearly all Personal Trainers and/nutritionist stick to just one method, but Chris explores all of it and find the pro's and con's instead of just preaching his way id the right way"

"Being someone that eats generally healthy and regularly workouts I was really excited to start our training with Chris and I wasn't disappointed! He has great knowledge of the industry and I learnt it not all about what we eat and how much we exercise."  

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