Sports Massage

Our Sports Massage sessions take recovery, rehabilitation and performance to the next level. Most sports massages loosen tissues using only massage techniques. Sports massage is a more effective therapy when combined with stretching and movement.

Why? It's well known that a sports massage can improve recovery, rehabilitation and performance but this improvement is time limited. By including stretching and movement your body is better able to reduce pain and improve function with a greater lasting effect.

Our 3-Step Process includes...

Step 1: Each session begins with a massage on the injured area to hydrate, remodel tissue and increase suppleness

Step 2: Is stretching to improve joint mobility and further release pressure on the tissues

Step 3: The final step is to give your remodelled tissue some mechanical load and neurological stimulus with movement in order to help your tissues function optimally again.

What you’ll leave the session with;

Improved tissue function and mobility

Improved flexibility

Reduced pain

Improved suppleness

Stretches to do between treatments

Movements/Exercise to do between treatments


60min Treatment Packages

Initial Consultation/Treatment 60min £50

Follow up option 1: 4x60min follow up treatments £190

Follow up option 2: 8x60min follow up treatments £360


30min Treatment Packages

Initial Consultation/Treatment 30min £30

Follow up option 1: 4x30min follow up treatments £100

Follow up option 2: 8x30min follow up treatments £180


What injuries do we treat?

Low-back pain



Frozen shoulder

Shoulder impingement

Subacomial Bursitis

Tennis & golfer elbow

Dislocated shoulder

Rotator cuff strain

Muscle strains

Tronchantric bursitis

Osteoarthritic knee

Knee replacement

IT Band syndrome

Patellofemoral syndrome

Piriformis syndrome

Osgood Schlatters Disease

Meniscal tears

Ligament sprains

Compartment syndrome

Shin splints

Achilles tendonosis

Plantar fascitis

Achilles tendon bursitis

Stress fractures

Ankle sprains

Carpel tunnel syndrome


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