1to1 PT

Christopher Hole's 1to1 Personal Training

Our high quality 1to1 programmes, tailor made for your body, goals & lifestyle using our 3-stage training method. They go in-depth and give you a more sustainable health & fitness solution.


At Christopher Hole Training we train people in 4 areas;

  1. Click here for more details Exercise for Low Back Pain 
    • To help you rehabilitate after back spasms, disc herniations and bulges
  2. Click here for more details Exercise for Joint Pain (Osteoarthritis or Joint Replacements)
    • To help you build a stronger body that will reduce pain & improve everyday function
  3. Click here for more details Exercise for Fitness 
    • To help you build whole body fitness from boosting metabolism to core strength & stability
  4. Click here for more details Exercise for Events
    • To help you train for a 10K, half marathon, marathon or triathlon

What you also get

  • Home workouts for in between sessions
  • Access to exercise libraries
  • Access to flexibility libraries
  • Access to educational health & fitness tutorials

Ready to feel like you again?

To start one of our 1to1 personal training courses with a free consultation and assessment, please fill out the form below. We will contact you to book your session.

Here’s what my clients have said

“I chose to do Personal Training with Chris as part of my preparation for the World Age Group Triathlon Championships, Olympic Distance, held in Australia in September 2009 (where I came 7th). My biggest benefit was a definite improvement in very specific areas of my cycling and running strength and power where I was able to slash 13 minutes off my personal best and win the British Triathlon Championship. I would add that I found Chris pleasant and calm to work with, he has the ability of making his client work hard without any element of bullying or unnecessary pressure and he spent quite a bit of his own time researching the finer points of cycling technique and specific training practice that suited me best.” Jane L

I have suffered with a back problem for nearly 20 years. It wasnt until I started training with Chris that my back health really started to improve. The quality of the training has kept me motivated so that I have clearly seen and felt significant improvements and results in a short time. Chris is dedicated to his work and has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, development and progression in all areas of his work: health, fitness and diet.” Lisa S

After the birth of my three children, all by C-section, I was left with a large separation and hernia. I was very nervous to start exercising again, but after a few sessions with Chris I felt much stronger and more confident. It has only been three months since I starting training, and my core is much stronger than it has ever been. I never considered personal training before, but I have been amazed at the difference that working with Chris has made. Sarah B

As a dentist sit for the majority of the day, and as a result I started to get a mild pain in my lower back. Iwas enough to distract me from my work, and after a number of months I needed to get it sorted. After just four weeks training with Chris my back showed incredible improvements, and during the final eight weeks I was able to focus on increasing my strength, something Ive been wanting to do since I was a student. Brad H

“I wanted to run the Bristol 10k 50 minutes and asked Chris for help, he was able to write a training plan specific to me that was able to my running speed and technique. With this training plan combined with weekly 1 to 1 sessions my motivation always remained high resulting in me completing the 10k in 48 minutes faster than I originally planned” Jane C