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Back spasm exercise rehabilitation

This 12 week back spasm exercise programme will help you to build a solid foundation in your core and back. Building a strong back is not about completing hundreds of back extensions and sit-ups. In fact, these exercises could make your problem worse. I designed this programme using exercises and stretches from […]

Disc herniation exercise rehabilitation

This simple 12 week programme will help you build spine stability and gain confidence in your back, posture & movement again. Many other programmes encourage you to exercise in a way that can actually cause your back more harm than good. To recover from disc herniation, you need to undertake […]

Lordosis correction 12-week programme

This powerful 12 week programme will help you to correct  your lordosis and strengthen your core to maintain better posture Lordosis is a condition that causes an excessive curve in your lower back. It can be caused by excessive sitting, a sports injury or may simply run in the family. […]