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Client Spotlight: Angela

Angela Belassie talks through the process of working with Chris Hole. When I first met Chris Hole, I had recently had a baby and had not done much exercise for some time. I wanted to get back into the habit of working out more regularly, but was a little unsure […]

How to overcome three common knee and hip injuries

Knee injuries aren’t just painful, they can also make getting on with your day-to-day tasks difficult. Below we discuss some ways to deal with three common knee and hip injuries. Piriformis Syndrome Sufferers of Piriformis Syndrome will feel spasms and buttock pain as a result of a condition affecting the […]

Overcoming common ankle and foot injuries

You are probably familiar with RICE protocol (rest, ice, compress, elevate) when you first injure yourself, but what about after that? How can you effectively overcome injury and get moving again? Ankle and foot injuries are very common and, when treated appropriately, can be easily overcome. We recommend that you […]

Health Workshops

Healthy living is the key to reducing illness and injury and requires a balance of healthy thinking, eating and moving. Like a puzzle, there are many pieces and during these workshops we’ll begin to put them in order and see a clearer picture of health. These four 1-hour Health Workshops […]

Understanding tendon injuries and their rehabilitation

Tendon injuries can occur during sports or other activities that involve sudden sharp movements such as jumping or throwing or as a result of repeated overuse of the tendons during running or even computer use. What are tendons? Tendons are strong cords of connective tissue that attach the muscle to […]

The key difference between core strength and core stability

Core strength and core stability are two terms that are frequently used interchangeably in discussions concerning the training of your core musculature, or trunk musculature. Many people use both of these components during their training regime and workouts, however they do not always fully understand the difference between these two […]

Client Spotlight: Steve

Steve, 59, a WPA healthcare partner from Warmley, Bristol. Steve, who coaches cricket at Knowle Cricket Club, had a knee replacement after suffering several injuries during years of sport. The former professional cricketer worked with Chris to get fit safely – and found the workout actually eased the pain. He […]

Client spotlight: Jacky

Jacky, 41, a software consultant, Redfield, Bristol. Jacky used to work out regularly until she injured her back in 2008. Left in agony, she was unable to move or work for a time, and feared she would never regain her previous fitness level. But within six months of working with […]

Client spotlight: Ian

IanĀ , 71, a retired orthopaedic surgeon from Bristol. Ian has seen his fitness improve with age since working with Chris. He has lost some weight, toned up and can compete reasonably well in some sports against people 30 years his junior. He has increased the pull ups he can do […]

Healthy Employee Desk Assessments

Are certain employees complaining for aches and pains? Are you wondering if you need all new office furniture? Our Healthy Employee Desk Assessments give you the opportunity to do a sweep of your whole office and find out what equipment might need upgrading. If there are improvements to be made […]

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