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The 12 myths of lower back pain: Myth 2

There’s nothing worse than suffering through your job with aches and pains in your lower back. It can make the day feel longer and can really put a dampener on your mood. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to preventing, diagnosing and treating lower back […]

Preventing and overcoming back pain at work

Lower back pain at work is a very common condition. Many people who have sedentary jobs often suffer pain that can increase over time. Continue reading and I will explain how lower back pain is caused. I will also show you some surprising ways to help prevent and overcome back […]

Lower back pain at work

Alleviate lower back pain: at work and in the gym

Lower back pain is a very common complaint and is normally muscular. Such back pain can be onset with no apparent cause, or by a specific strain or sprain. Read on as I explain how to prevent and reduce lower back pain at work, and also which exercises can prevent […]

What’s the best exercise for you?

It’s February now, and, as we all know, that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! In this month of love, it’s very important to remember to love yourself, first and foremost. In this video, we discuss how you can choose the best exercise for you – exercise that […]

Back pain at work. Beth’s story

Many readers may not be aware of this, but there is a condition that sounds like something very ordinary, but actually causes more disability in the workplace than anything else. This condition is ‘lower back pain’, characterised by a moderate to severe pain at the bottom of the back, which […]

Lower back pain at work

If you’ve been struggling with aches and pains in your lower back whilst at work, please take a look at the video above, where I offer advice on the best ways to curb the issue. At Christopher Hole Training, my aim is to help you to overcome your injury, improve […]

Treating lower back pain through education

As explored in my recent video, lower back pain is one of the most prevalent aches and pains experienced by people today due to modern working conditions and lifestyle. Sitting at a desk for 40 hours or more a week while at work can have a huge impact on our […]

Is wine really a healthy product?

With the mainstream media offering up plenty of articles about the health benefits of wine, it’s easy to see why many of us see it as something that might be good for us. However, such sensationalist articles often fail to provide the whole story, opting for soundbites that will entice […]

Becoming more mobile to alleviate lower back pain

In today’s blog I will be looking at overcoming lower back pain and becoming stronger, fitter and more aware of the things that may cause the pain. Please have a look at our YouTube channel for lots of interesting videos and this video above explaining the importance of learning the […]

How to get fit without getting injured

A common misconception about people with high fitness levels is that they are almost immune to injury. However, this is simply not the case, and people at the top end of the fitness spectrum can actually be far more vulnerable to injury than those with average fitness levels due to […]

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