Lordosis is an exaggerated curve of the lumbar spine, where the pelvis tilts forward (as if to tip water out of the front of it) and the whole abdomen moves forward from plumb line of neutral posture.

It gives the lower back a hollowed appearance and can sometimes make the buttock muscles more prominent. Some causes include genetics, sporting activities where lordotic postures are encouraged and when people carry too much weight around the abdomen for example when pregnant or if they carry excessive amounts of body fat.

A number of muscles are effected by this posture creating many muscle imbalances;

  • The muscles of the lower back become shortened.
  • The muscles of the back of the hips the buttocks become lengthened and under active.
  • The muscles down the back of the legs the hamstrings become tight because they are overactive to compensate for under active buttocks.
  • The muscles at the front of the hips become shortened.
  • The muscles of your abdomen become weak and long.

All these muscle imbalances create an excessive curve in the lumbar spine and can place too much pressure on the intervertebral discs, compressing them at their back edge. The small facet joints between each vertebrae could also become overloaded and all of this compounds and lower back pain will result.



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