Exercise for Low Back Pain

Would you like to overcome your low-back pain and build core strength & stability?

Overcoming low-back pain takes time and patience but the rewards are amazing. During the programme you’ll gain better control of your pain, your confidence will grow and your back will get stronger. If you nervous about doing exercise that’s ok, it means you’ll want to get it right.

About the exercise for low back pain programme

Exercise for low back pain is the highest quality 1to1 personal training programme that’s designed to help people overcome their low-back pain. The initial programme is 9-months and there are 3 training options:

  • Basic Package (1 gym session per week + home programme + video exercise & flexibility library)
  • Halfway Package (2 gym sessions per week + home programme + video exercise & flexibility library)
  • Comprehensive Package (3 gym sessions per week + home programme + video exercise & flexibility library)

At the end of this programme you'll have the option to continue with our ongoing personal training.


Common back injuries we work with are:

  • Back aches and pains that come and go
  • Back spasms
  • Disc bulges
  • Disc Herniations


Getting started on the Exercise for low back pain programme

  1. Enter your name, email & message in the form below
  2. We'll arrange a free initial consultation at the gym or over the phone
  3. After you'll receive & complete a more in-depth questionnaire
  4. The first session you'll go through a number of assessments
  5. You'll begin the exercise for low-back pain programme

During the programme you work on a specific set of components, these build a foundation of strength for your body and mind to be able to overcome and manage the injury.


Add your details in the boxes below and I’ll give you more details about starting a programme

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