Online Training

Do you want condition specific programme that can help you?

I also offer affordable online courses that tackle some of the most common back and posture problems. These 12 week programmes include videos and PDF guides to help to overcome your injury with specially designed exercises and stretches.

Payment for each course is taken quickly and conveniently via, our chosen online training platform. The links below explain each of the courses in more detail.

Disc herniation rehabilitation

This simple 12-week programme will help you build spine stability & gain confidence in you back, posture and movement again.





Back spasm rehabilitation

This 12-week back spasm exercise programme will help you to build a solid foundation in your core and back





Lordosis correction

This powerful 12-week programme will help you to correct your lordosis and strengthen you core to maintain better posture.





Core Strength & Stability

**NEW** Our core strength & stability programme will help you to build the strongest most stable core.