Company Introduction and Overview

Christopher Hole Training is an established Personal Training & Education Company based in Bristol, UK. We deliver 1to1 Personal Training & Sports Massage Programmes, Health & Fitness Assessments, Practical Workshops & Online Education.

Through all of our programmes we use a use a tried and tested method of training that has been developed from some of the most respected scientific & philosophical research. This gives the people we work with long-standing results and the know how to maintain them.

Who is Christopher Hole?

I am a Specialist Personal Trainer & Lecturer. I’ve been studying the health & fitness for 14 years and it's allowed me to travel the world doing so. I have over 50,000hrs of teaching and training experience since starting my own training and education company in 2008. As well as working with private individuals, I also teach professional personal trainers and coaches for the UK’s largest training company all across the UK.

I have been an exercise for lower back pain specialist since 2011 with expertise in fitness and core training. As a Personal Trainer I've worked with high profile Surgeons, Lawyers, CEO’s, gym goers training for their first half marathon to GB Age Group Triathletes training for World Championships, amateur golfers all the way to European Tour golfers, as well as ex-professional Rugby, Football and Cricket players.

As a Lecturer I've taught Personal Trainers all over the UK including Ex-England & Professional Rugby Players, Ex-Premiership & Professional Footballers & Celebrity Bodyguards.

In the media

As a health and fitness expert, I've interviewed some of the biggest names in the fitness industry, you can listen to them by clicking to the link below.

  1. Kelly Starrett from MobilityWOD talks on how to optimise human movement
  2. Gary Cook from Functional Movement talks about movement, low-back pain & fitness training
  3. Dr Stuart McGill from Back Fit Pro talks about low-back pain & enhance core strength

I have contributed to and featured in a number of articles for national publications. I have made three appearances on BBC Radio Bristol during discussions about health and nutrition

You can read some of my articles below:

  1. Do you suffer with back pain in the water, on the bike or when running? TriBlogs.com
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  3. Feed zone: preparing your perfect porridge RoadCyclingUK.com
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