Chris is fast becoming one of the most sought after Health & Fitness Experts. 


In the media

As a health and fitness expert, I've interviewed some of the biggest global names in the fitness industry, you can listen to them by clicking to the link below.

  1. Kelly Starrett from MobilityWOD talks on how to optimise human movement
  2. Gary Cook from Functional Movement talks about movement, low-back pain & fitness training
  3. Dr Stuart McGill from Back Fit Pro talks about low-back pain & enhance core strength

I have contributed to and featured in a number of articles for national publications. I have made three appearances on BBC Radio Bristol during discussions about health and nutrition

You can read some of my articles below:

  1. Do you suffer with back pain in the water, on the bike or when running?
  2. Feed zone: staying hydrated
  3. Feed zone: preparing your perfect porridge
  4. Nutrition: Five top tips
  5. How to Prevent Low Back Pain

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