Are you a bit lost when it comes to your health & fitness? Are you looking for some direction and where you begin?

Taking the time to plan your health & fitness is an essential step to achieve the goals you've set. A health & fitness plan gives you the opportunity to clearly see the steps you need to take to make a difference to your health & fitness.


Health & Fitness Discovery & Goal Setting Session

Our Health & Fitness Discovery & Goal Setting Session is a 30min planning & goal setting session that gives you a step by step plan to follow to achieve your health & fitness goals.

During the 30min session you'll cover

A goal setting workshop that organises your goals into a logical order

A health & fitness questionnaire to better understand where you are with your health & fitness

Potential action steps to begin your journey

This discovery & goal setting session is delivered via Skype so it can be recorded for you to listen back over and you cover all the points discussed


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