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How do I train my clients? Part 4

Introduction Advanced Fitness Training is a more specific regime of training, it’s for a person who is training for an event or competition. “An increased emphasis being placed upon sport specific training activities, which are structured to elevate athletes overall level of competitive preparedness” Advanced Fitness If your fundamental fitness […]

How do I train my clients? Part 3

Introduction Fundamental Fitness Training’s aim is to develop your overall fitness, it can be described as; “The general preparatory phase is usually placed in the earlier part of the preparatory phase and is structured to emphasise the development of a general physical training base”. It’s the training I use with beginners after they have completed the […]

How do I coach my clients? Part 2

Introduction Movement Training is the first stage of the Christopher Hole Training Method, it’s the foundation to exercise for the person involved. It’s primary aim is re-educate movement, using the fundamental movement patterns and core skills. “Are you the guy that helps people move better and feel better or are […]

How do I coach my clients? Part 1

Introduction The Christopher Hole Training Method is conceptual framework of coaching movement and exercise. It’s a body of research that has been organised into a curriculum to give me greater clarity and application as coach. Like the national curriculum we use in schools it “provides pupils with an introduction to […]

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