lumbar lordosis

Lumbar Lordosis: How do I correct it?

Lumbar lordosis is a condition of the inward curve of the lower spine. Our spine has 3 larger curves at the lumbar, thoracic and cervical areas of the spine and when the lumbar curve become exaggerated/increased we get the condition called lumbar lordosis. These three curves have names, at the […]

lordosis stretch

Lordosis stretch to help loosen tight hip flexors

A good lordosis stretch should lengthen the hip flexors, here is a good one to use that gets more than one of the hip flexors. Lordosis in an exaggerated curve in the lumbar (lower) part of the spine. It happens because the some of the muscle of your hip become […]

lordosis stretches

Lordosis stretches: Where do I start?

Lordosis stretches help the muscles of the hip become looser. When these muscles become tight they can pull on your lower spine and exaggerate the curve of your lower back. Where do I start? With simple lordosis stretches is the easy answer. Many people try to do difficult stretches because […]

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