Endurance Training: 5 Principles

Getting the most from your endurance training is done by following a flexible plan. You need to plan ahead, fix goals and events in place but be flexible because weather, injury, work or life in general can affect your plan. Train in Periods Many people think they need to get […]

Diabetes Exercise: 5 Top Tips

A diabetes exercise plan is important to tackle the condition. It helps the body control blood sugar more effectively as well as other components of improving your fitness. Listen to our podcast below to get more information and visit to find out about our Health Coaching Workshop Benefits Muscles use […]

Health Coaching Program

Our Health Coaching Program is the only one that brings together the 3 components of health; thinking, eating and moving. If you think health information is contradictory or confusing this program will help you simplify and demystify it. Watch the following videos and learn some of the fundamentals of health ___________________________________________ […]

Scoliosis Exercise: A great exercise

This scoliosis exercise isn’t about lifting the heaviest weight, think more about hip and spine stability. Scoliosis is a condition of the spine that causes it to curve right to left or via versa and due to muscle imbalances this can effect the function of these joints. Watch and follow […]

How to get fit faster

How to get fit faster is not glamorous but it irons out the creases and challenges so you can get on with getting fit instead of starting and stopping! Watch the video below If you’re in Bristol or Bath join our 6-week health coaching program by clicking here What […]

Listen to our Podcast

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Treating lower back pain through education

As explored in my recent video, lower back pain is one of the most prevalent aches and pains experienced by people today due to modern working conditions and lifestyle. Sitting at a desk for 40 hours or more a week while at work can have a huge impact on our […]

Dark chocolate as part of a healthy diet

The world of chocolate is as complex as wine. From one bean, the magical cacao, comes a thousand different tastes; and just like wine, chocolate should be enjoyed with a developed taste. It is one of the spices of life. And just as scientists and doctors argue that in moderation […]

How to look for signs of lordosis

In a three-part video series, I’m offering insight into common signs of poor posture, including how to spot them and how to fix them. The video above is the first of these three, and it introduces what is known as lordosis. I discuss the tell-tale signs of lordosis, and what […]

Why are good core exercises for low back pain important?

After having desensitised someone’s lower back pain, there is then a need to build a foundation from which to carry out pain-free activity. Essentially, it is time to create a certain extent of mobility and stability to suit the needs of the individual. In a video interview above, Dr Stuart […]

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