How to minimise your risk of obesity and diabetes

Obesity and diabetes are closely related and often go hand in hand. In fact, one of the key risk factors for diabetes is being overweight. Unfortunately, we can’t control some risk factors for these diseases, such as having a family history. But there’s a lot we can control. Here’s what […]

Repetition and deep practice

You may have heard a theory that it takes 90 days, or 10,000 hours to change a habit. While there is some truth in that, there is another level to changing habits, and that is ‘deep practice’. In a health and fitness context, deep practice can be applied to various […]

Anatomy of building & changing habits

There are plenty of ways in which we are able to build and change habits, and this certainly applies in a health and fitness context. But before looking at exactly which methods lend themselves to positively altering our behaviour, it is fruitful to examine the science which goes on behind […]

Making small changes by setting small goals

Having your goals in mind are great, whether that’s knowing that you want to get fitter or healthier, drop a dress size or go down a notch or two on your belt, or even getting a handle on an existing health condition or injury. However, building and changing your habits […]

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Alpes 2018: Cycling Training Feed

Welcome to my Alpes 2018 Training Feed! I like cycling, training, videos and photos so I thought I’d put them all together and share with you how I’m training for my Alpes adventure. The goal is to cycle up L’Alpe D’Huez and some of the climbs in the area and […]

Client Spotlight: Angela

Angela Belassie talks through the process of working with Chris Hole. When I first met Chris Hole, I had recently had a baby and had not done much exercise for some time. I wanted to get back into the habit of working out more regularly, but was a little unsure […]

Health Workshops

Healthy living is the key to reducing illness and injury and requires a balance of healthy thinking, eating and moving. Like a puzzle, there are many pieces and during these workshops we’ll begin to put them in order and see a clearer picture of health. These four 1-hour Health Workshops […]

Client Spotlight: Steve

Steve, 59, a WPA healthcare partner from Warmley, Bristol. Steve, who coaches cricket at Knowle Cricket Club, had a knee replacement after suffering several injuries during years of sport. The former professional cricketer worked with Chris to get fit safely – and found the workout actually eased the pain. He […]

Client spotlight: Jacky

Jacky, 41, a software consultant, Redfield, Bristol. Jacky used to work out regularly until she injured her back in 2008. Left in agony, she was unable to move or work for a time, and feared she would never regain her previous fitness level. But within six months of working with […]

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