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How to minimise your risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol

A healthy lifestyle and diet can provide us with so much – vitamins, energy, detoxification, and more. But make the wrong lifestyle and diet choices consistently and we could have some worries on our plate, including high blood pressure and cholesterol. Thankfully, there are a few accepted ways of minimising […]

What are lifestyle diseases? And how to overcome them

Lifestyle diseases are associated with the way a person lives their life. These can include diabetes, heart disease and obesity which are illnesses influenced by dietary choices and social activities, such as smoking and drinking. These diseases are chronic illnesses as they develop over a long period of time, and […]

4 ways the food industry influences what you eat

Diet is the key foundation of any fitness regime, but with so many fast and processed foods available today, it’s all too easy to get drawn into eating the wrong things. The food industry itself is, of course, out to sell you its products, including those which we deem to […]

What’s the no.1 diet on the planet? Part 2

Previously, we have looked at the views of Marion Nestle to summarise updated thoughts on what is actually the healthiest diet available. Together with Christopher’s own extensive research into optimal dietary plans, it is fair to surmise that plant-based diets are actually the healthiest diets around. This is due to […]

5 best plant foods for protein

If you’re struggling with aches and pains, it’s crucial to get enough protein to help with recovery. Plant-based foods often get a bad rap for protein – but they shouldn’t! Here we explore why: How much protein do you need? There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about how much […]

5 healthiest fatty foods

In modern dieting, there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding around what part fat plays in a healthy balanced diet. This article will, therefore, summarise the thoughts displayed in the video below which discusses the 5 healthiest food sources of fat available. As Christopher states, a healthy fat is […]

What’s the No.1 diet on the planet? Part 1

“As an academic nutritionist, I grapple on a daily basis with what I see as a central contradiction between nutrition theory and practice. On the one hand, our advice about health benefits, on diets mainly based on plants – fruits, vegetables and grains – has not changed in more than […]

What’s the best posture for a healthy spine?

In the video following this article, we are analysing the optimal position of the lumbar spine to entail healthy all round posture. Generally speaking, optimal lumbar spine positioning will fall into two different categories: one that entails a neutral position and one that entails greater levels of movement. So, as […]

How do you build an ultimate core in an athlete or gym-goer?

One of the most commonly used phrases in fitness is to ‘strengthen your core’. I get asked about it all the time by our clients. Indeed, strengthening your core can help to stabilise and support your spine, build maximal gains in your strength, and help you power through advanced athletic […]

Why is moving well in everyday life important for health and longevity?

Correct movement when carrying out any activity is key, whether you’re lifting weights, riding a bike, or picking up some heavy shopping. Incorrect movement can lead to a range of physical issues, such as stiff muscles and joints, or worse – damaged muscles and broken bones, which can impact the […]

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