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The key difference between core strength and core stability

Core strength and core stability are two terms that are frequently used interchangeably in discussions concerning the training of your core musculature, or trunk musculature. Many people use both of these components during their training regime and workouts, however they do not always fully understand the difference between these two […]

Tips for exercising with lower back pain

If you suffer from lower back pain, it’s important that you take steps to exercise safely and carefully in order to prevent further injury. Many people shy away from exercise when suffering from back pain, but avoiding exercise altogether can exasperate the problem as well as lead to other conditions […]

Personal Training

Christopher Hole’s 1to1 Personal Training Our high quality 1to1 programmes, tailor made for your body, goals & lifestyle using our 3-stage training method. They go in-depth and give you a more sustainable health & fitness solution.   At Christopher Hole Training we train people in 4 areas; Click here for […]

Healthy Moving Workshops

The benefits of exercise are widely documented, impacting everything from our immune systems to our psychological wellbeing and our cognitive functioning. Making sure we have the right amount and the right kind of exercise is vital to our health and, in turn, our productivity at work and in life. But […]

Healthy Thinking Workshops

One in four of us will suffer with a mental health condition during our lifetimes, with the cost to UK businesses estimated at £30 billion a year. Although conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression are caused by a range of contributing factors, there are steps we can take to […]

Healthy Eating Workshops

What we eat literally fuels everything else we do with our day – and that includes work. Poor diet can contribute to everything from low energy to chronic illness, all of which have a knock on effect on our ability to do our jobs properly. But learning to eat healthily […]

Forget sit-ups: two better exercises to boost core strength

Getting ‘better’ abs seems to be an obsession for many of today’s newcomers to fitness training. There are countless TV and internet adverts promising better functioning and stronger abs if you just buy their magical device or perform endless sit-ups and crunch-type exercises.

Exercise for fitness – the first steps

All of us would love to get that little bit fitter. Whether it’s for health reasons, to tone up or to have a better general level of fitness – exercise is one of the best ways. If you want to start making lifestyle changes and regularly exercise for fitness, that’s […]

Is a clean eating diet the key to your nutritional health?

Clean eating diets have experienced a gradual increase in popularity over the years, and it might be time to consider if this diet would be good for you. Many people love the fact that with a clean eating diet you still get to eat plenty of food and the same […]

Why core strength is so important for rugby players

Many fitness experts talk about core strength as a crucial component for all-round fitness for anyone. For rugby players, whether they favour league or union, possessing good core strength is absolutely vital.