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Becoming more mobile to alleviate lower back pain

In today’s blog I will be looking at overcoming lower back pain and becoming stronger, fitter and more aware of the things that may cause the pain. Please have a look at our YouTube channel for lots of interesting videos and this video above explaining the importance of learning the […]

How to get fit without getting injured

A common misconception about people with high fitness levels is that they are almost immune to injury. However, this is simply not the case, and people at the top end of the fitness spectrum can actually be far more vulnerable to injury than those with average fitness levels due to […]

Dark chocolate as part of a healthy diet

The world of chocolate is as complex as wine. From one bean, the magical cacao, comes a thousand different tastes; and just like wine, chocolate should be enjoyed with a developed taste. It is one of the spices of life. And just as scientists and doctors argue that in moderation […]

How to look for signs of lordosis

In a three-part video series, I’m offering insight into common signs of poor posture, including how to spot them and how to fix them. The video above is the first of these three, and it introduces what is known as lordosis. I discuss the tell-tale signs of lordosis, and what […]

HIIT training: right people at the right time

One of the most common exercise programmes used by personal trainers, coaches and individuals is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which intersperses intense movement with periods of rest. As with many other forms of exercise it serves an important purpose. Done properly, with the right individuals, it can bring substantial […]

Is the chocolate we’re eating really good for us?

In today’s blog, we’re going to look at a question which gets asked every single day – is there any way in which chocolate can be good for me? In order to answer this question properly, you have to know a little about how chocolate is made. The main ingredient […]

How does mental stress impact health?

Mental stress and physical health are intrinsically connected. Whenever we feel mental stress, our bodies experience physiological stress which has an impact on our nutrition and ability to exercise. Subsequently, our overall health and fitness levels are affected. Mental stress can be caused by both positive and negative thinking, and […]

How does dietary stress impact health?

In my latest video, I discuss the ways in which dietary stress impacts health and general wellbeing. Dietary stress can be defined as the ways in which the food we take into our bodies affects the digestive system, making organs such as the stomach and intestines work harder in order […]

How does physical stress impact health?

Physical stress can impact your health in a variety of ways. Today we will be looking at two main areas of physical stress which are exercise and recovery and how they are integral to health and fitness as a whole. Finding a balance In life we are trying to strive […]

What is stress and how does it impact health?

Stress is a big problem in the UK at the moment – 45% of all sick days in the 2015/16 financial year were stress-related. In general terms, you can think of stress as ‘pressure or tension exerted on a material object’. But what does this mean for you, in your […]

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