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Exercise for Events

Are you training for a marathon, half marathon, triathlon, cyclo-sportive or 3-peak challenge? All of these events are tough and require a structured plan to get you to your peak fitness. During the programme you’ll maximise your fitness, reduce your risk of injury, get stronger and fitter.   About the exercise […]

Exercise for Fitness

Would you like to increase your fitness, lose weight, tone muscle and increase your metabolism? Achieving this takes more than just pounding away on a treadmill, you’ll need a plan that includes CV and weight training. During the programme you’ll gain better whole body fitness, as the diagram shows above, you’ll […]

Exercise for joint pain

Would you like to reduce your joint pain & improve your overall wellbeing? During this programme you’ll gain better control of your pain and learn how to keep it bay. Your confidence will grow as your pain reduces and your joints will become more flexible. Your whole body will also […]

Exercise for Low Back Pain

Would you like to overcome your low-back pain and build core strength & stability? Overcoming low-back pain takes time and patience but the rewards are amazing. During the programme you’ll gain better control of your pain, your confidence will grow and your back will get stronger. If you nervous about doing […]

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