Quick fixes are a part of the health industry and medication is one of them. Where certain pain killers may be beneficial in the initial stages they can hinder recovery in the long run. The BBC and other news outlets have reported that paracetamol are no better than placebo. This is great news for the health industry because  it highlights the power of the body to heal itself.

Your body is designed to heal itself, it’s doing it everyday without you even knowing about it. If you experience low-back pain it’s just a more dramatic version of healing but your body can cope with it all the same.

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Worryingly, “However, the researchers were unsure what to recommend instead due the side-effects of some anti-inflammatory pain killers and say people should discuss their options with their doctor.” If you can understand pain and why you are feeling it, pain killers would become a last resort. I say this because the treatment of pain occurs in it’s prevention rather than its cause and when you experience the pain it’s too late. At this point the damage has been done and the last resort is to go to pain killers.

In this short video you’ll learn that pain is essential and some simple ideas to take forward in life. To reduce your painful back you’ll be better placed to learn what’s causing the pain and minimise that, therefore reducing your back pain.

With that said, I’m not saying you’ll eliminate pain but you’ll certainly reduce it, nor am I saying to never take pain killers as they do play a role. The secret is to know when and how to use them. Learn more about treating the cause of low-back pain by attending a Back to Basics Workshop.

In the past soft drinks were all the rage and in some ways they are still today. Although people have become better educated and now realise the high amount of sugar they contain. To combat this drinks companies had to change and they started making fruit drinks.

Fruit juice drinks started popping up everywhere and people started buying them in there millions. They were marketed as containing 1, 2 or 3 of your 5 a day. The labelling also comes across as giving a perception of health but they were very clever not to mention health in the advertising.

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You can see by looking this label that there is know mention of it being a healthy drink but they do say “at least 2 of your 5 a day. Normal thinking would assume, 2 portions of fruit must be healthy!

But they don’t highlight the sugar content and they even try to cover it up a little by not giving more in depth information. Look at the nutritional info, look down at the carbohydrate content 13.1g, ok that’s not too bad. BUT!!!!!! Look back up at the nutritional information and notice this is per 100ml, how many ml’s make up the total bottle? 250ml.

This means in this 250ml fruit drink there 13.1 x 2.5 = 32.75g of carbohydrates. If they had the section “of which sugars”, going on part experience of fruit drinks it will be in the region of 13g. Thats a lot of sugar in perceived healthier option.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.50.56

Now lets look at a popular soft drink per 100ml sugar content, 10.6g thats lower than the fruit drink.

I’m not saying that soft drinks are better than fruit drinks as they will have more vitamins and minerals. Fruit drink do however contain a lot of sugar and in a population thats getting fatter and diabetes is on the increase, it would be sensible to be aware or how much sugar you are taking in.

In the video below is another popular fruit drink brand that is a subsidiary of Pepsico corporation. To add to that the first fruit drink brand is now owned by Coca Cola corporation, which tells it’s own story I guess.

Read the labels of your food and drinks, they tell a slightly different story than the adverts do.

Naked Fruit Drinks

Back to basics is a profound 2-hour workshop that shows you how to reduce joint pain and increase health, fitness, strength, suppleness and stability. Back to Basics is profound not because its complex information but because of its simplicity.

The way exercise is taught is getting out of date but the industry isn’t changing with the times. If you want to reduce joint pain and increase health and fitness, understanding movement is first step. The exercise and fitness industry skip this step and go straight to exercise.

Movement is the foundation to exercise, just like a child starts at primary school and moves up to secondary school. Exercise is the same, you start with movement and progress to exercise.

Although you do learn to move correctly as a child and progress to exercise, by the time you reach your teenage years you forget how to move correctly. By to the time you reach your 20′s and 30′s your movement is so poor injuries begin to creep in. At this point you need to re-learn movement to reset your body to reduce injury in the future, otherwise injuries keeps repeating.

The Back to Basics Workshop and Christopher Hole Training is that vehicle. We teach you how to move again, not for movement sake but help reduce joint pain and increase your health & fitness.

In the following 4 videos i’ve tried to share as much information with you as I can that will make sense through the internet. Some of the information, I can’t share because it needs practical examples and demo’s to go with it it.

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(The videos are in a playlist)

Do you want to be fit and healthy before and after pregnancy? Are you unsure about how to do it?

Your body is going through a lot changes and it needs to be taken care of. Whilst you are pregnant your ligaments become softer and stretchier. This is completely normal to prepare you for labour. It can however put added strain on your lower back and pelvis, causing backache.

Other affects of pregnancy on your joints

  • They become weaker
  • They become too flexible
  • Your balance can get worse
  • Your risk of injury can increase
  • The aches and pains can stay with you after pregnancy

These may not seem like much at the time but they can turn into more if they are prevented or managed.

“After the birth of my 3 children all by C Section, the 3rd did not heal Properly and I was left with a large separation and Hernia. I was very nervous starting exercise again and after a few sessions with Chris I felt much stronger and confident and only 3 months later my core is much stronger than it has ever been. I never considered Personal Training but through Chris’ dedicated program of exercise focused on my core I have been amazed at the difference working with Chris has made.” Sarah B, Bishopston

If you would like to keep joint aches and pains at bay, Register for the next Back to Basics Workshop on August 23rd at 10am using the link below. You’ll receive all the details of the seminar when you register.

Other benefits include:

  • Less weight gain
  • More energy
  • Bounce back faster after delivery
  • Healthier children
  • Look and feel better about yourself
  • Stronger immune system

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Functional exercise is a “buzz word” in the fitness industry, yet it is poorly understood. Most people think it’s an exercise, others think it’s something you do when you get injured. Both these examples of functional exercise is incomplete.

Functional exercise is much more than both of these ideas, rather than being an input it’s an output. Your body functions everyday, but how well does it function? Instead of doing a “functional exercise” in a hope that it will magically it get better. Do exercise do measure if your function has got better, if it has your exercise has been functional.

In the video below I explain this in a little more depth

Your mind most certainly affects the health of your body. If you have energy highs and lows, poor posture, regular colds and flu’s, excess body fat or want to slow the aging process, it could be something to do with your perceptions.

Your body is controlled by your mind via the brain and in your brain lives your perceptions. Your perceptions dictate what you sense and how you respond to the world around you and inside you.

Energy highs and lows, poor posture, regular colds and flu’s, excess body fat or aging faster are a result of your perceptions affecting your body. If you change your perception you can change any of these.

What is a healthy body? It’s the optimal function of all the systems of the body. Many people think you have to create this yourself but your body can do automatically. All it needs from you is the right tools, which are perceptions, nutrients and movement.

We’re only talking about perceptions for today, as they can be seen as number 1 on this list. So on to the 3 secrets….

1. Balance 

The whole universe you live is balanced and in equilibrium and this is where health lives. In science and spirituality they know there’s always a positive with and negative or negative with a positive. This has been described as actuality, or what’s there.

Perceptions are imbalanced with either more positives than negatives or visa versa and result in emotions. This works against the balanced universe and creates symptoms of illness. Symptoms are trying to tell you about these imbalances in your perceptions so you can balance them.

Unfortunately these symptoms don’t talk to you with words, they have to give you energy highs or lows, poor posture, faster aging, excess body fat or colds and flu’s. To reduce these types of symptoms and experience greater health balancing your perceptions is vital. They are balanced when you see equal positives and negatives in any given person, event or situation.

2. Moderation

You are creating imbalanced perceptions everyday, it’s a part of the human condition. The brain never forgets these and holds on to them until they are balanced, this is called emotional bag-age. This will weigh you down like a heavy bag and the heavier the weight the more the symptoms.

When they are balanced the brain clears them way like a spring cleaner of the mind. Like I mentioned you’re accumulating these all the time, making this an ongoing process that never ends.

This may seems like an uphill battle but it’s a part of life’s journey and balancing perceptions is one of the most liberating exercises you can do for your health. If you perceive only good and no bad, or only bad and no good in an event it could be greatly imbalanced causing great symptoms. As you begin to see the good in the bad, bad in the good they become more moderately balanced and your health grows and expands.

Greatly imbalanced events create energy highs or lows, poor posture, faster aging, excess body fat or colds and flu’s. As you balanced these perceptions the symptoms settle down and you get everlasting energy, better posture, slower aging, reduced body fat and less illnesses.

3. Consistency

You’ve heard the saying we are creatures of habit, this is not just a saying. There are very good reasons for this, as you consistently practice an activity your brain develops and grows.

Your brain has nerve cells that send messages around your body; it also has another type of cell that builds and breaks down your brain called glial cells. As you balance your perceptions these glial cells build and develop your brain. If you leave these perceptions as imbalanced your glial cells break down your brain.

Life is trying to help you balance your perception but it’s a very slow process and known as “time is a healer”. In the moment you may think that it’s the worst that’s happened to you and overtime you begin to realise there was some good that came from it and visa versa.

If you actively and consistently balance your perceptions you heal illnesses faster, your energy is more consistent, your body fat becomes normal and you age slower.

To learn more about the mind body connection click here to download this 85-min webinar





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This is a fascinating 85-min webinar about the mind body connection. It shows you how your mind affects your health. If you think one way you can become unhealthy, if you think another you can become healthy.

The mind body connection is very real and they influence each other. The mind can affect the body and the body can affect the mind. In the following 5 lessons you will learn about how the mind affects the body and how you can use your mind to keep you healthier.

You may think to have a healthy body you need to have a healthy diet, this is one piece of the puzzle. Your mind is the master-controller, you can have the best diet in the world but if you have an unhealthy mind the diet doesn’t matter.

The Mind Body Connection 5 lessons are:

  1. How your mind gives you better energy levels
  2. How your mind gives you better posture
  3. How your mind helps you lose body fat
  4. How your mind can prevent colds and flu’s
  5. How your mind help you stay younger for longer

These are 5 insightful lessons that will show you how to live a healthier lifestyle, you won’t learn this information in many places. Here is your opportunity to find out what only a few people know about.

What else you’ll learn about the mind body connection:

  • how your mind can balance your hormones
  • how your mind can make your joints more supple
  • how your mind can make your immune system stronger
  • how your mind can get your metabolism working
  • how your mind can slow the ageing process

Click the Button Below & Learn to have a healthier mind and body, (all payments are via Paypal, if you’re not completely satisfied with the program in the first 7 days after purchase you can have a full refund, no questions asked)



(After you have completed the payment you will be sent to a page and the zip file should download automatically. If it doesn’t contact me and I’ll send it to your email address)

There are may differing opinions when it comes to diet and nutrition. This makes many people confused, diet isn’t confusing. It is in fact very simple.

To find out how simple diet is you unfortunately have to find out about as many different diets as possible. Only then can you see the similarities between many of these differing diets. These similarities have been called the pillars of knowledge.

A pillar of knowledge that keeps showing up in the vast majority of diets is plant based. Many of the healthiest diets on the planet are based on plant foods such as, fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes. These types of food are nutrient dense and provide the body with good quality vitamins, mineral, carbohydrates, fats or proteins.

Here are some of those foods

Have you ever wondered whether you can build muscle on a vegan diet? Derek Tresize is an America vegan bodybuilder and consistently stay lean with muscle all year round.

Listen to this video and learn how he does it, maybe you can take some of his advice and get similar results. Click the link below the videos for the full interview

Derek Tresize talks about vegan diet and bodybuilding part 3

Derek Tresize talks about vegan diet and bodybuilding part 4

Derek Tresize talks about vegan diet and bodybuilding part 5

Derek Tresize talks about vegan diet and bodybuilding part 6

Lordosis in an exaggerated curve in the lumbar (lower) part of the spine. It happens because the some of the muscle of your hip become tight and stiff. By using the right stretches and exercise you can begin to reduce how tight and stiff these muscles are.

Making sure you do the stretches right is a key factor when correcting lordosis. There are many muscles around your hip that it affect and a change in posture can change the muscle that is being stretched. In a video before this one you learnt a stretch that is very similar. By lifting the foot from the floor you change the muscle that is being stretched.

As you stretch make sure you feel it and so that you are lots of pain. Feeling pain when you stretch makes your body go into protection mode and the muscle won’t become longer. Remember to breathe as you stretch and keep it relaxed and the final point is to not screw your face and neck up. This will also cause your body to go into protection made and affect the muscle in the same way.

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