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Christopher Hole Training provides premier 1-2-1 & remote/online personal training built on enthusiasm, empathy, expert knowledge and being goal orientated.

Personal training with me (Christopher Hole) proves time and time again that you can achieve your health and fitness goals.

I specialise in 4 areas of training:

  1. Running Fitness
  2. Cycling Fitness
  3. Low-back & joint pain rehab
  4. Weight loss & fitness

How personal training with me works

  • First you can call or email me for a chat about goals and to book a free consultation
  • Next you’ll attend the consultation and you’ll go through a variety of questionnaires & health & fitness assessments.
  • You’ll choose and 12 or 24-week package
  • From the assessments and questionnaires I’ll write a programme based on your specific needs
  • You’ll complete the weekly sessions and we’ll track your progress
  • You’ll achieve your goal

Some of the benefits you gain

  • Increased fitness
  • Less low-back & joint pain
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • More energy
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • Greater core strength

In the 4 videos below you get a better idea of what it’s like working with me, you see and hear about real life examples of past and present clients achieving their goals. AND you’ll hear about my personal journey with low-back pain and endurance training.

To book your free consultation please call or email me on 07782 473 458 or

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Running is very simple way of exercising and whether you decide to do a marathon or not upgrading your marathon running technique is essential. In the video below I give you the number one reason why you should upgrading your technique and following that I’ll give you three easy steps how to upgrade it.

Marathon Running Technique Step 1: Forefoot strike

Striking the with the front of your foot puts less pressure on the joints above it, the ankle, knee, hip and low-back. As your forefoot hits the ground many the impact forces can be absorbed by the bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons that are around the foot. Your ankle is known as a class 2 lever, this means that it works better when the forefoot hits the ground rather than the heel.

As well as reducing injury by absorbing the impact forces, forefoot striking will speed you up whilst using less energy. As your forefoot hit the floor your foot muscles, ligaments & tendons stretch and act like a tight elastic band springing you forward. This is how you can use less energy whilst running faster.

Marathon Running Technique Step 2: Supple joints

To get more out of forefoot running joints are best when they are supple. If you think of your muscles, ligaments and tendons as a collection of elastic bands. If they are always tight they won’t have much spring to them, if they are supple they have a lot of spring.

Supple feet, ankles, knees and hips create a chain of springs that will propel you forward like a kangaroo. This in turn will use a lot less energy when you run.

Marathon Running Technique Step 3: Swing your arms

Your arms create momentum for your legs and the more they swing the better. If your arms don’t swing your upper back will take up the slack and you’ll start twisting a lot. At the same time they should move forward and back, not across your body. If they swing across your body your energy and momentum goes from left to right rather than forward.

Finally relax your arms and shoulders, when you are tense in your upper body your joints become stiff and your arms don’t swing as well. This hinders how smooth your run and the energy you use.


In this final article on Bath half marathon training you’ll learn about how your upper back and shoulders can effect your running. Your upper back and arms create rhythm that helps your legs. Getting your upper body technique right can make a massive difference to how your lower body works.

To make your arms and upper back work better for your running needs a few things, one is to know how they work and the other is to know how they should when you run. Your shoulder is a joint that has a lot of movement, firstly make sure your shoulder has that and then you have to use it.

By creating good shoulder and upper back your running can transform into a smooth rhythm, making it more enjoyable and less effort. If you are able to put all of these parts into your running it’ll begin to get easier. If you’re training for the Bath half marathon remember to work your upper body as well as you lower body, they are connected and they work as one unit.

If you’d like to help with your Bath half marathon training send me an email ( and you can book a Free Running Fitness Consultation.

Improving your running technique for the Bath half marathon is a vital part of your training. Your body is designed to run a certain way and by knowing what that is will help you run faster. Technique is the foundation to any endurance training program, it gives you the platform to complete as many miles as your energy levels can cope with.

Your hip muscles are your engines, they give you power and propel you forward, but if they don’t work correctly this power reduces. Making your technique better put you at a much better advantage. You may have seen people run with their feet turned out, this is down to your hips and it’s slowing them down. By making their hip work better they can instantly increase their pace.

Video 3 is teaches you about your hips and how they work best. You learn what you need to do to make your running technique better and some simple tips for faster running. Remember to work on your technique one bit at a time, if you dive into your Bath half marathon training at the deep end it’ll be harder than walking in from the shallow end.

If you’d like to help with your Bath half marathon training send me an email ( and you can book a Free Running Fitness Consultation.

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The Bath half marathon is an early season half marathon that you need to be ready for because Christmas & New Year are so close. Training for it means more than running the necessary miles. Your running technique plays a huge amount in how easy or hard the run can be. By adjusting your running technique you can run faster and use less energy.

You technique also reduces your risk of injury and this is the foundation to running fast. Injuries can slow progress, they also have a lasting effect after the injury has gone. In part 2 you are going to learn about you ankle and how it works. In order to reduce your risk of injury and run faster you need to use your ankle as it has been designed to work.

If you’d like to help with your Bath half marathon training send me an email ( and you can book a Free Running Fitness Consultation.

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The Bath Half Marathon comes around every March and now is the right time to think about getting ready to run. Training for a half marathon should include two things; completing a certain amount of miles per week and running technique. Running technique is a vital part of any training plan because it can determine how efficient you are.

Being efficient helps you complete the 13.1 miles using as little energy as possible. Your pace can go up without wasting vital energy, this is because your body is running how it is designed to run. There’s a little more to running than simply putting one foot in front of the other, there’s an inmate power that lies within your body that is waiting to come out.

Your foot holds much of this power because it is the part of your body that makes contact with the ground. It’s designed to work a certain way and understand it’s anatomy will help you see this. Throughout this series of articles you’ll learn the best running technique to use during the Bath Half Marathon. It’s a set of simple adjustments that need to be made a bit at a time so that your body can adapt, in video you’ll learn about the running technique for your feet.

If you’d like to know more about how to run faster without wasting vital energy send me an email ( and you can book a Free Running Fitness Consultation.

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January Fitness Training Special offers, many people start exercise in January and stop by march. Here are 3 training special offers that will keep you training.

  • Package 1. Personal Fitness Training
  • Package 2. Bath Half Marathon Training
  • Package 3. Bristol 10K & Half Marathon Training 

Package 1. Personal Fitness Training

Do you want to be fitter and healthier? Do you have the motivation to exercise each week on your own? If you want to be fitter and healthier but don’t want to go to busy gym then Personal Fitness Training is a great option.

  • Lose body fat
  • Increase fitness
  • Tone ab’s legs and arms
  • Feel better about your body

Personal Training Packages start from £162.50, if you book a complimentary 60min consultation you can save up to 50% off your 1st month of training.

Fill out the contact form below saying you’d like to book a complimentary consultation for Package 1. Personal Fitness Training

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Package 2. Bath Half Marathon Training

Have you entered the Bath Half Marathon? Do you want to be fit and ready for the 1st of March? Many people don’t train correctly for the Bath Half Marathon because christmas is only 8 weeks before. If you would like to run your fast time or get round in respectable time then this 8 or 12 week training package is what you need.

  • Stronger legs
  • Stronger core
  • Less fatigue
  • More energy

8 & 12 week training packages available with 25% off you 1st month

Fill out the contact form below saying you’d like to book a complimentary consultation for Package 2. Bath Half Marathon Training

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Package 3. Bristol 10K & Half Marathon Training 

Are you thinking about running the Bristol 10K or Half Marathon? Do you want to be fit for it? If you want to get a respectable time that you can be proud of start the Bristol 10K & Half Marathon Training. Starting with 12-week packages you can get the best training that will increase your fitness and reduce your risk of injury.

  • Stronger legs
  • Stronger core
  • Less fatigue
  • More energy

12 week training packages available with 25% off you 1st month

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Simple changes to your posture and technique can make running fitness dramatically increase. In general you are designed to run a certain way, matching this posture will save you energy, help you run faster and put less pressure on your joints. From the bottom to the top, here are some simple things you can do to increase your running fitness.

1) Your feet could be the most important part of your body when it comes to running. They are the part that makes contact with the ground and has to deal with the most shock. Overtime your foot hits the ground it can create forces 3 times your body weight. These forces can be used for you or against you and it all depends how your foot hits the floor.

In the video below I explain the different techniques and how to make them work in your favour.

2) Your knees and hips are the next joint you come to, they are they joints that create most of the power because they are covered in big powerful muscles. Making sure these joints are in the right position are the key to build better running fitness and leg strength.

Lift your knees as your leg comes forward, this does 2 things. The first things it does is makes the muscles at the front of your hip work and gives you better momentum. Secondly it brings your knees apart, if your knees are close together as you run they will probably be on the inside of your foot. If this is the case your knee will damage quickly.

3) The shoulders and upper back work together, they act like a pendulum for your legs. Your arms should swing forwards and back so your momentum stay centred. If your arms come across your body your momentum goes from side to side.

Twist gently at your upper back, this helps your arms. You can find that many people get this the wrong way around and  twist their back with little arm swing.

4) Upper back and head; this can determine the posture of the rest of your body as much as anything else. Your head position needs to up and centred. With your head up you’ll tend to extend your upper back and have a straight line between your ear shoulders and hips. Relax your shoulders, if you are tense in your neck and shoulders your arms will not move as much. If your arms don’t move as much you’ll energy and make another part of your body pick up the slack.

Use these 4 simple techniques to help you stay injury free and build better running fitness. If you’re unsure how to make this happen in your own programme book a free consultation and we can discuss running training packages.

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Back spasms is a sharp pain in your back and are incredibly unpleasant. They are painful and can stop you in your tracks immediately. They are hard to predict when they are going to happen but you can certainly reduce your risk. If you are unlucky enough to have a back spasm….

Here are 5 top tips to help you recover from one

1. Lie down

When you first experience a back spasm lie down (preferably on the floor or firm surface), this takes pressure away from your back muscles. If it is still giving you pain use pillows to change your posture on the floor. The goal immediately after a muscle spasm in the lower back is to relieve the pain (without medication) and reduce the pressure. The normal recommendation is to keep moving but at this point that could make your injury worse.

Here’s a short video about medication and low back pain

2. Listen to your body

Lying down will ease the pressure, as you do this for a period of time the pain will reduce. As this starts to happen, change your position and see if your back twinges. If it does your know you aren’t ready to get up, use this twinges as a feedback to let you know what your can and cannot do. The muscle spasm in your lower back has happened for a reason and your body will let you know when it’s getting better.

3. Take your time

Lying down can be a very frustrating part of a back spasm, the more time you take the better it will be in the long run. As you begin to change your position and body allows you to do more keep progressing until you can move about. To get to this point take your time muscle spasms in your lower back don’t like to be rushed and if they are it can set you back.

4. Gently stretch

The muscles of your lower back become tight during spasm, so as you become better at moving about without pain begin to stretch those muscles. The muscles became tight to protect your lower back, as it get better these muscles need to learn its ok to loosen again. They won’t do this fully on their own, they need some help from you and this is where stretching helps.

5. Learn movement

Finally learn to move better in everyday life, muscle spasms in your lower back are normally the straw that broke the camels back. As you begin to lift and bend better use your hips the pressure will reduce on your lower back. This in turn will reduce your risk of muscle spasms in the future. This whole process takes time, let your body heal and use it correctly and it will give you all the strength, endurance and longevity you need.

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Vegan fitness can be the healthiest way to get fit if you get it right. I had the pleasure to chat to Samantha Shorkey a vegan bodybuilding pro and she was able to share her wisdom on vegan training and nutrition.

It can be thought that vegans are unhealthy and can’t train as hard as a meat-eater but Sam is bucking this apparent trend. She trains hard and eats well, in these few videos we talk about what she eats, how she trains and how she prepares for her events.

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