As you well know, in todays fast paced lifestyle you can’t afford to be in pain and if you are you may turn to pain killers to carry with life. This could be doing more harm than good by masking a problem, a better solution could be understand what is causing the pain and stop doing that so the pain doest come in the first place.

If you don’t know that pain killers are doing more harm than good or what is causing your low-back pain, why would you do anything different. Any change in what you do starts with some degree of education albeit from an advert, seminar and qualification.

This is how you will build a strong healthy back, by educating yourself about what it is and how you go about getting one.

Hello everyone

There are many differing opinions of the best way to run, should we heel strike or run on the balls of our feet? Looking on face value you may never find the answer but look a little deeper and I believe the answer unfolds in front of your eyes.

I’ve been saying this for years, your body is telling you everything you need to know the secret is learning its language. By gaining a better understanding of the anatomy of your own body will help you make better choices and use it how it was designed.

In the following tutorial, I want to introduce you to some of the basics of human anatomy and you can begin to make your own mind up about how you want to run. Don’t listen to anyone but your body it holds all the answers you need, it’s time to start learning the language!!

There is a strong relationship between our western diet and inflammation. Over the last century food practices have changed such, that we are increasingly exposed to inflammatory foods.

Low-back pain can be caused many different ways and what you eat can influence and exacerbate that cause, eating the right foods can reduce inflammation and therefore pain.

You’ve also heard the saying “you are what you eat”, your body is making itself out of the foods you eat. If you take in more poor quality foods than high quality foods your body will be poor quality and this can slow any healing process.

Eating high quality foods allows the healing process to work and over time inflammation will reduce and so to will your low-back pain. Watch this video presentation to gain the knowledge of the foods to reduce and increase to help reduce inflammation and low-back pain.

Exercise is touted as a good activity to take part in, this is true but only when done correctly. Our body is built to move and has the ability to move in many different ways, from all out strength to walking and in all different direction.

Exercise is a way to promote and develop this ability of the body, a strong reason to exercise in this way is the more adaptable we are less chance we have of injury. By exercising is a specific way we work against this principle and an injury can manifest to frustrate us into going back to a general way of exercising.

In the video below I hope to help you understand a new/different training model that build the bodies adaptability and from the ground up not the top down.

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“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” My whole training philosophy comes from what this quotes says, many people think exercise is something anyone can do by just getting a pair of trainers and starting to run.

My idea of exercise is very different, I believe exercise to be a post-requisite to movement, as a child you learn to move and later in life begin to play sport or exercise. When you reach adolescence and adulthood you’ve forgotten how to move not completely but your movement is severely diminished.

Exercise is process of maintaining this correct movement as a child as well as learning new skills in your adolescence and adulthood. This is the new training model that build your body from the ground up unlike the current training model that tries to build your body from the top down.

Back-pain is something that effects many people and without the correct training and without the correct training it will continue to effect them.

Watch the video below to gain a greater understanding how to exercise for low back pain.

In todays fitness world of apparent quick fix’s, burn as many calories as you can, run as far as you can, lift as much as you can and as fast as you can we are creating injuries when there is really no need.

Health is all about prevention, low back pain is preventable and if we can understand how we can first reverse, minimise and eventually prevent low back pain we’ll be in a much healthier society. We know modern life is sedentary and we are told how much we should be exercising but what if that very dynamic of being sedentary to hard exercise is contributing to the problem?

One key to reversing, minimising and preventing low back pain is bringing these to opposites into moderation. Volatility creates instability and moderation creates stability, if we can be more moderate in how and when we move and sit we’ll create a healthier and stronger back.

Click here to find out more about a 12-week Exercise for low back pain programme

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Low back pain is a condition that plagues the everyday person who sits all day all the way to the athlete that moves all day. One is not necessarily better than the other because they both have a similar outcome, the secret is to get a balance of the two.

Joe Friel an American Triathlete coach puts it perfectly “exercise + recovery = training” , when you get the balance between exercise and recover right you’ll experience less low back pain. The second is how much intensity or load you put onto your body and by this I mean, how many times per week, how hard each session, how long each session and the type of exercise that goes into each session.

If you go too hard too soon you’ll get injured, you need to manage you body and the training you put it through. Most of the exercise that is talked about in the media was designed for athletes, HIIT training for instance. HIIT means high intensity interval training, this style of training is hard and if a regular Joe starts it they set themselves up for injury because it’s too much too soon.

Athletes however have been conditioned for this training so they’ll be much better off, in the video tutorial below I aim to help you understand what training to do and when to do it. It’s a very simple style of training  that if you follow will help you reduce your low back pain and build a stronger, healthier and fitter back.

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For so many weight loss is a difficult task but it doesn’t have to be this way, healthy eating is very simple. Why then do so few people manage their weight effectively?

It all comes down to habits and more importantly what’s driving those habits, it could be boredom so you eat, it could environmental, you only have access to a vending machine or it could a social thing that causes you to drink more alcohol than you would like.

Whatever it is for you, if you were to change these habits in a way that worked for you then your problem would be solved. Many people look at me say “wow you must be so disciplined about what you eat” and my answer is always “I’m no more disciplined about eating than you are” the difference is the types of foods, the amount of food and possibly the timing of meals.

Everyone is disciplined at eating just in different forms, if you change the way you do something you’ll get a different result, which brings me back to; it all comes down to habits.

Healthy eating and weight loss is a lifestyle, if you can make healthy eating a way of life rather than a 12-week project your body will transform naturally, your body fat will reduce and your energy will increase. A healthy lifestyle is bunch of habits rolled together, if you’d like to know more about how to change eating habits you can download a healthy eating habits course.

It’s a very simple course that looks at your current habits and builds in newer more healthy habits, there’s no catch, no magic bullet, just simple principle that if you apply over an extended period of time you’ll see healthier results and lower body fat.

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Hi everyone

It’s not normal that I start a blog with a “Hi everyone” but over the festive period I’ve received some comments saying how much they enjoy the site. I haven’t always left the comment option open due to the amount of spam comments that I was getting. Thank you for your kind words, I’ll leave open the comments section from now as now know their are real people out there sharing!! I welcome your feedback and interaction.

On with the blog!

Todays fitness industry is built on the idea that we need to push our body to within an inch of its life to experience a better quality of life physically, unfortunately this is far from the truth and could potentially set you up for an injury in the future. To change the path we are on as an industry as a whole and you as an individual we all need to understand the inner working of the body a little better.

Our body is a magnificent structure and the industry is breaking it down faster than it needs to be broken down. Where death is built into our body (unfortunate but it is true) the more we exercise in the way we are the more we speed up that death process.

The longevity of our health and fitness is not in how hard we can train but in how well we can train. Training well means exercising well and recovering well and within exercising well lies moving well. How well we move today can influence how our body feels not just today but years into the future. Unfortunately the industry isn’t wise to this and thinks that if I feel ok now I’ll feel ok in the future. If that individual doesn’t feel ok in the future they and the industry won’t necessarily take past movement and lifestyle into consideration.

Watch the video below to find out how fatigue can lead to joint pain in the future and click here to download a beginners 12 week exercise for low back pain program that requires no equipment.

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I look forward to reading your comments

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Poor hip flexibility is a very common symptom in people who experience low back pain and this can be accompanied with poor ankle flexibility. Poor hip flexibility acts like a bit of a pressure cooker on the lower back, as the hip become tighter and tighter the lower back becomes less supported and stiffer.

Releasing this pressure on the lower back pain by increasing the flexibility of the hip and can have profound effects, your core will become more stable and your lower back pain will decrease.

To increase the flexibility of the hips stretching is an essential part but not the only part. When you stretch your muscles will lengthen and your hip will become more flexibility but after about 30 minutes they will start to return back to their normal length.

To maximise hip flexibility you must include exercise as it takes advantage of the 30 minute window. If you move within this newly found flexibility your body will learn that it can do it and continue with increased flexibility after the 30 minutes.

Better hip flexibility won’t happen overnight, it will need consistent stretching and exercise because your body will work by taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back, 2 steps forward and 1 step back etc etc. In other words you’ll increase flexibility and use exercise to learn to move within it (2 steps forward) and between sessions your flexibility will reduce but not all the way back (1 step back).

Use this video below to understand a better squat technique and improve hip flexibility and download a 12 week program that includes all the necessary stretches and exercises to reduce low back pain.