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In biomechanics (movement), the ground reaction force is the force exerted by the ground on a body in contact with it. Whenever your foot hits the floor is creates a ground reaction force that is 2.5 to 3 time your body weight.

This is a lot of force going through your body multiple times every second and it can increase your risk of low-back and joint pain. Changing how you run is simple way to reduce these forces. In the short video below you’ll learn about 2 different types of running, one that can increase your chances of injury and another that can reduce it.

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A back spasm happens mostly when you lift something from the floor but it can happen by reaching, carrying, getting up or any movement. So why does a back spasm happen? In general terms they happen because your body isn’t being used correctly. You might not have been lifting correctly, you may have poor posture or you core muscles aren’t strong enough to cope with the task at hand.

Whatever the cause, a back spasm typically happens because you’ve done something incorrectly. This doesn’t mean that you’ve done something incorrectly once or twice, back problems happen because the straw that broke the camels back. You might have been lifting incorrectly for months or even years, sat down for long periods of time or been over stressing your body with too much exercise. Any of these can eventually end with a back spasm.

The treatment to back spasms are in their prevention, as you start using your body correctly and making your core muscle work better you spasms will become less. This will allow you to enjoy life more and keep your body pain free.

In these 3 short videos I’d like to help you learn a little more about how reduce back spasms and how you can build a stronger back. After you’ve watched these videos you’ll be ready to download a 12-week program, click here to find out more about it

Your body is very clever when it gets injured, all of the pain and tight muscles you feel are there on purpose and your body created it. It’s there to help you understand a deeper lying problem, pain and tight muscles are not a problem.

The problem lies in why your body creates this is the first place. One of the major causes of back spasms are the overuse and misuse of your back and your body creates tightness and pain to let you know this. If incorrect lifting or too much lifting is the cause of your back spasm the only way to correct it is to address how you lift and not the pain or tight muscle..

Saying that you may have other damage that requires massage, chiropractic or physio, it then needs to lifting technique to be changed so it doesn’t come back again.

If you only have treatment like these and don’t address the lifting movement the pain will come back. Learn how to correct your movement at the Back to Basics Workshop. It’s the last link in the chain to help you overcome back injury

When you become injured your body goes into a protective mode, when the pain goes it’s only the first step on your road to recovery. Your body is very intelligent, it knows when it needs protection and this can last long after the pain has gone.

Your brain holds all your movements like an mp3 player holds music. It choose movements in the same way, it scrolls through them picks the necessary one at the right time. For example, you learn how to walk as a child and normally you walk very well. This very good movement is easy on your joints.

As you grow up you get injured from time to time, these injuries change how you walk by making you limp. This change in movement puts extra pressure on your joints.

As your injury heals your pain goes away but a little bit of the injury stays and so does your altered walking. This altered walking keeps putting extra pressure on your joints and an injury can keep showing up. To fully recover from an injury you need to re-educate yourself about how you move.

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The seated posture is one of the hardest on the low-back, it’s harder than standing and bending.As most people spend 6-8hrs a day sat at a desk it is becoming one of the toughest activities people are doing to them selves.

Your body is built to move and being sat for long periods of time doesn’t help with the health of your joints. It’s common to see tight and stiff hips in many cases of low-back pain. One thing hips like are movement and one way you can reduce your low-back pain is being more movement to your hips.

Being seated for at work isn’t going away so you have to be a little more creative. In this video you’ll learn some simple things you can do to help with your low back pain whilst you are sat during the day.

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Quick fixes are a part of the health industry and medication is one of them. Where certain pain killers may be beneficial in the initial stages they can hinder recovery in the long run. The BBC and other news outlets have reported that paracetamol are no better than placebo. This is great news for the health industry because  it highlights the power of the body to heal itself.

Your body is designed to heal itself, it’s doing it everyday without you even knowing about it. If you experience low-back pain it’s just a more dramatic version of healing but your body can cope with it all the same.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 08.06.45


Worryingly, “However, the researchers were unsure what to recommend instead due the side-effects of some anti-inflammatory pain killers and say people should discuss their options with their doctor.” If you can understand pain and why you are feeling it, pain killers would become a last resort. I say this because the treatment of pain occurs in it’s prevention rather than its cause and when you experience the pain it’s too late. At this point the damage has been done and the last resort is to go to pain killers.

In this short video you’ll learn that pain is essential and some simple ideas to take forward in life. To reduce your painful back you’ll be better placed to learn what’s causing the pain and minimise that, therefore reducing your back pain.

With that said, I’m not saying you’ll eliminate pain but you’ll certainly reduce it, nor am I saying to never take pain killers as they do play a role. The secret is to know when and how to use them. Learn more about treating the cause of low-back pain by attending a Back to Basics Workshop.

In the past soft drinks were all the rage and in some ways they are still today. Although people have become better educated and now realise the high amount of sugar they contain. To combat this drinks companies had to change and they started making fruit drinks.

Fruit juice drinks started popping up everywhere and people started buying them in there millions. They were marketed as containing 1, 2 or 3 of your 5 a day. The labelling also comes across as giving a perception of health but they were very clever not to mention health in the advertising.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.40.15


You can see by looking this label that there is know mention of it being a healthy drink but they do say “at least 2 of your 5 a day. Normal thinking would assume, 2 portions of fruit must be healthy!

But they don’t highlight the sugar content and they even try to cover it up a little by not giving more in depth information. Look at the nutritional info, look down at the carbohydrate content 13.1g, ok that’s not too bad. BUT!!!!!! Look back up at the nutritional information and notice this is per 100ml, how many ml’s make up the total bottle? 250ml.

This means in this 250ml fruit drink there 13.1 x 2.5 = 32.75g of carbohydrates. If they had the section “of which sugars”, going on part experience of fruit drinks it will be in the region of 13g. Thats a lot of sugar in perceived healthier option.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.50.56

Now lets look at a popular soft drink per 100ml sugar content, 10.6g thats lower than the fruit drink.

I’m not saying that soft drinks are better than fruit drinks as they will have more vitamins and minerals. Fruit drink do however contain a lot of sugar and in a population thats getting fatter and diabetes is on the increase, it would be sensible to be aware or how much sugar you are taking in.

In the video below is another popular fruit drink brand that is a subsidiary of Pepsico corporation. To add to that the first fruit drink brand is now owned by Coca Cola corporation, which tells it’s own story I guess.

Read the labels of your food and drinks, they tell a slightly different story than the adverts do.

Naked Fruit Drinks

Back to basics is a profound 2-hour workshop that shows you how to reduce joint pain and increase health, fitness, strength, suppleness and stability. Back to Basics is profound not because its complex information but because of its simplicity.

The way exercise is taught is getting out of date but the industry isn’t changing with the times. If you want to reduce joint pain and increase health and fitness, understanding movement is first step. The exercise and fitness industry skip this step and go straight to exercise.

Movement is the foundation to exercise, just like a child starts at primary school and moves up to secondary school. Exercise is the same, you start with movement and progress to exercise.

Although you do learn to move correctly as a child and progress to exercise, by the time you reach your teenage years you forget how to move correctly. By to the time you reach your 20’s and 30’s your movement is so poor injuries begin to creep in. At this point you need to re-learn movement to reset your body to reduce injury in the future, otherwise injuries keeps repeating.

The Back to Basics Workshop and Christopher Hole Training is that vehicle. We teach you how to move again, not for movement sake but help reduce joint pain and increase your health & fitness.

In the following 4 videos i’ve tried to share as much information with you as I can that will make sense through the internet. Some of the information, I can’t share because it needs practical examples and demo’s to go with it it.

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(The videos are in a playlist)

Back in Action is the highest quality Personal Training in Bristol, it will help you build a strong body that keeps joint aches & pains at bay. 

Research shows that exercise programmes make a big difference to the ongoing health & fitness. Whether you are experiencing joint pain or want to improve your fitness a Back in Action programme will make you fitter and stronger.

The programmes involves weekly, one-to-one gym sessions. Supported by optional exercises for you to do at home. They are designed specifically for you (no equipment required if necessary)

Your programme begins with a consultation. During the following sessions you’ll progress through a personal programme.

Enjoy personal training in Bristol and…

  • You’ll strengthen all the muscles which support your back and core
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Significantly decrease joint pain
  • Improve your posture
  • You’ll feel fitter and healthier
  • Lose weight and tone up
  • Increase your core strength
  • Run and cycle faster
  • You’ll feel 10 years younger
  • Improve your whole body strength

One-to-one sessions take place at Pure Health and Fitness in Stoke Bishop, Bristol, BS9 2DR.

Whether you are a beginner or have been going to a gym for a long time one to one training is the best option. You get a personal service that is all about you and your health & fitness.

  • The 24-session package is just six, monthly instalments of £162.50 or £960.00 for pre-payment in full.
  • The 12-session package is only three, monthly instalments of £170.00 or £495.00 for prepayment in full.

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