Back spasm exercise rehabilitation

These  online back spasm exercise programme will help you to build a solid foundation in your core and back.

Building a strong back is not about completing hundreds of back extensions and sit-ups. In fact, these exercises could make your problem worse. I designed these programmes using exercises and stretches from years of experience working with people who have suffered with back spasms.

From these online programmes you'll learn more...

      • What the best exercises are for helping to overcome your back spasm
      • What the best stretches are for overcoming your back spasm
      • When to do the stretches and exercises
      • How to perform all the exercises and stretches correctly
      • Simple anatomy that gives you better understanding of back spasms
      • Simple practical ideas to reduce back spasms in the future
      • How to get the most out of this programme

The back and core exercises used throughout these courses are designed to specifically tackle back spasms and help you on the road to recovery. This programme includes:

    • 3 online lectures about how to overcome low back pain with exercise
    • 2 online lectures teaching you how to get the most out of the programme
    • A 12 week exercise for back spasms programme, summarised in an easy-to-read booklet
    • Exercise videos instructing you how to perform each exercise
    • Stretch videos instructing you how to perform each stretch
    • Lifetime access
    • Mobile & tablet access
    • Email access to me throughout the 12-week programme
    • 30-day money back guarantee

You do not need any equipment to complete the exercises in the course, and all guides are incredibly easy to follow. By the time the course is finished, you will have gained an understanding of how to exercise safely to prevent back spasms, allowing you to set in motion a new way of life that is free from debilitating low back pain.

Click below and you will be taken to our chosen online training platform. It gives you easy access being mobile friendly. It also gives you access to the programme on and offline.


Click here to access these online programmes

Access the 4-week programme by clicking here




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Access the 12-week programme by clicking here




Some benefits of using

  • Lifetime access 
  • 30 day money back guarantee! 
  • Available on iOS and Android 
  • Certificate of Completion

Goal: To overcome Back Spasm

"I injured my back lifting a cooker awkwardly, It was a fairly serious injury that left me in a lot of pain. I decided it was time to start the journey back to fitness and a friend referred me to Chris knowing that he is an expert in this field. I was very nervous that it wouldn't be possible or that I would injure myself again. Chris's approach really put me at ease, mainly due to his knowledge about what needed to be done to build up my strength so that I was able to train again. It's really been worth it. After 12 weeks I've seen change from being able to do only a few simple stretches and not a single push up to running 3 or 4 times a week again and in the gym doing strength workouts." Jackie 

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