Advanced Fitness: Christopher Hole Training Method Part 4

Advanced Fitness: Christopher Hole Training Method Part 4


Advanced Fitness Training is a more specific regime of training, it’s for a person who is training for an event or competition.

An increased emphasis being placed upon sport specific training activities, which are structured to elevate athletes overall level of competitive preparedness”

Advanced Fitness

If your fundamental fitness has been built and you want to take your fitness to the next level, this is also a natural progression. Due to the higher intensities of training comes a greater risk of injury, to manage this a greater emphasis is placed on recovery and making sure your body is able to repair after heavy exercise.

This level of training requires more skill and body awareness as some of the exercises are complex. There are 2 ways of preparing for competitions if skill levels aren’t as high as they could be, one is to begin with fundamental fitness and build up to advanced fitness. The 2nd is run both fundamental fitness and advanced fitness methods at the same time with varying levels of emphasis.

The components

With this training being more specific to the competition being undertaken there are many components to it. Some are;

  • Power
  • Force
  • Speed
  • Max Strength
  • Anaerobic Endurance

The competition will determine which are chosen for Advanced Training and elements from Fundamental Fitness and Movement Training will be added to complete the programme.


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