Exercise number three for low back pain is an exercise normally not associated with the core, the core is normally thought to be the area on the front of your body where your abdominals are and where this is partly true it one part of a more complex wheel.
The core is everything from your hips to the base of your neck and all of those muscles in between are included. This exercise focuses on the hip area and is meant to bring the hip muscles into balance with the rest of the core.
From the previous article in this series you learnt that you have to perform the exercise with perfect technique all the way through. A common question I get here is; why should I perform exercise with perfect technique if I don’t use that technique in everyday life?
The reason you use perfect technique is because it’s your foundation, you never hear of a builder building a house from the roof down, always from the ground up. A builder always lays the foundations first and perfect technique is the foundation for the human body and works just like the foundations of house keeping it strong through all the stresses and strains of its life span.
If you have low back pain your foundation is not strong and exercise for low back pain exercises and program are here to make your foundation stronger. Only when you have a strong foundation and lots of endurance in your core do you have a licence to come out of perfect technique from time to time, although don’t recommend it, it does give you a buffer.



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